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  1. And for today, the Cornavin...the Russian Cornavin. I am still waiting for the Swiss one too
  2. I couldn´t find any clear information about this Oscar, I have seen few on Ebay but they seem to be rare. Probably from the 70th.
  3. Oscar Swiss made, no history. Unitas 6310 inside.
  4. A nice Citizen from the 80`th
  5. The good news is that they will refund me the money and don't want that tool back anymore. In the beginning they've replied like "I have sold more than 100 pieces and there was no complain..." then I have sent them those pictures and they apologised. Now I need to find a way to sharpen those jaws...or not. With razor blades works pretty good.
  6. That That is right...I keep telling me ''don't buy cheap'' but then when I need a tool I go like ''let's try maybe this time....'' you know what I mean. Yea, buy cheap buy twice!!! I know and I knew it! I swear it is the last time. As a matter of fact I manage to remove that roller with 2 razor blades and cheaper than that can't find :). Btw Redrooster agreed for a refund... Thank you for replying. Lucian
  7. Ok, thanks you for your answer. I manage to remove the roller with 2 razor blades but wasn't easy to slip them underneath that roller...So I think my new roller remover will go back. Tkank you again.
  8. Hi there, I have bought my first roller remover, it arrived 3 days ago and today I wanted to use it to remove the balance roller from a Roamer. The problem is that the tool is not sharp enough to fit under the roller, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't remove it (but I am still not sure, maybe I am wrong). I will attach some photos of the roller remover maybe someone can tell me if the tool is supposed to be like that or not. That slit in my opinion should be razor sharp, instead this one I think is more than 1 mm thick. Thank you.
  9. Thank you both, now it is pretty clear to me that it should match. The bag will be opened ...
  10. Hi, I am working on a Roamer Mustang Indianapolis cal. MST 478, actually I have to replace the ball-bearing wheel for the oscillating weight. I have ordered it on CousinsUK but it was unavailable at that moment so they put my order pending into "My Quotes" section. Later I have bought it, on the bag is written ETA 2620 but I know that MST 478 = ETA 2638 and if you look at the technical sheet of the MST 478 there is also written whit a blue marker ETA 2638. Question: does anyone know if the ball-bearing wheel for the oscillating weight from an ETA 2620 matches to ETA 2638 (MST 478)? I just
  11. In the last 18 month I have started to collect watches...good, then I have told to myself why not trying to service them ?! And here I am, already addicted to that. Having right now a Roamer Mustang Indianapolis trying to change the ball-bearing wheel for the oscillating weight, I stumbled across a movie on youtube posted by VWatchie a member of this forum and clicking on the link he added I was "teleported" right here and I just want to salute you all. Thank you, Lucian P.S. please excuse my English as it is not my mother's tongue. I am Romanian.
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