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  1. Both movements are fairly old and in not such a great condition. I don't have the watch with me right now, but I think both impulse jewels are gone. So next time, I'll be a bit more careful with the lighter fluid. Refitting a jewel might be too involving for a beginner like me. I will buy a NOS replacement balance. Thanks
  2. I see, I dipped the balance in lighter fluid, so it must have fallen down somewhere. Is it possible to fit it back in place?
  3. Hello, So I have two Seiko movements which are non runners: 66A and 66B. My goal is to get one of them running. I have cleaned everything, and I am now in the process of reassembling. The train of wheels seems fine and spins freely. The pallet fork has been mounted with its corresponding bridge and moves freely. Upon installing the balance, I've noticed that it isn't engaging with the pallet fork, and I don't understand why. So here is my question, why isn't the pallet fork moving? Thanks VID_20200701_180043.m4v VID_20200701_175546.m4v
  4. Hello, Here is an update on my project. I finally completed the cleaning an reassembly of the watch. It is now running, I have been wearing for a week and it's accurate enough. I do not own a timegrapher so I can't give you an accurate reading. The missing setting lever spring has been scavenged from a second AS 1187 watch I purchased of eBay. I also noticed some corrosion on the pallet fork. I did not replace it. I ordered a new crystal, but somehow never managed to install it. So I put back the old one. The watch was cleaned using zippo fluid. I have oiled it with Moebius 9010 and D5. Thank you all for your help and advices. VID_20200527_222540.m4v VID_20200525_180546.m4v
  5. Hello, some updates regarding my project: After waiting a couple of days to receive my Bergeon 080 screwdriver, I managed to strip down the movement. Since my stem issue, I waited for the power to be completely depleted before attempting to take it apart. Unfortunately upon removing the pallet fork, I noticed that the movement still had some power and the pallet fork got caught into gear train. Exactly what I was not supposed to do. I believe I haven't damaged anything. Otherwise, the movement is now bare and ready to be cleaned. You'll notice that I left the mainspring in its barrel and the ratchet click hasn't been touched. I'm planning on cleaning everything with Zippo fluid. I do not have an ultrasonic cleaning machine at the moment. I'll keep you posted on any new progress.
  6. Thank you all for your interest. Eventually I removed what I believe to be the minute wheel, which was enough to set the movement back into motion. So now, I'll wait until the power is completely depleted.
  7. From what I can see, the setting lever spring is broken. As for the stem, it refuses to slide back in. But I'll try again. Cheers
  8. Hello, so instead of posting various questions regarding my current project, I decided that I'm going to post everything here. So I acquired this vintage Rado for 35 euros on eBay. My goal is to service the watch completely. This is my second attempt at taking apart a watch. The caliber is a AS 1187. I am beginner with a couple of tools, I'm here to learn. The watch was working fairly well when I got it. My previous project was a laco sport with a Durowe 441, I managed to put it back together. It's working albeit not perfect. Anyhow, this one right of the bat, was more difficult. It took me a while to understand that it was a front loader, so I had to pop up the glass & bezel on the front. Another issue was that the stem wouldn't come loose, turned you first had to loosen the movement holder ring. Now the movement is out of its casing, but the stem do not want to come back in. I believe somehow the keyless mechanism went out of alignment. While fiddling around with the stem, the watch eventually stopped, not to be started again. After removing hand & dial, I noticed that part of the keyless mechanism was broken. I do not know if it's my doing. In any case I haven't found the missing part. Maybe that could explain my difficulty in getting the stem back in. Unfortunately the mainspring is still loaded. Moving I'm going to try to dismantle the keyless mechanism to see if I can get the watch going again. That's it for today. Cheers
  9. Well, I'm answering my own question here: looks like the front fell off... The way I got it out by pushing the movement with my finger and the glass and bezel came off.
  10. Hello, So I'm back with a new project and another issue. I'm attempting to service a Rado watch with an AS 1187 movement. I have removed the stem as well as the screws holding the movement to the case, however the movement is refusing to come out of its shell. Am I missing something here or could it be that it needs to come out from the front? On the picture you can see something that looks like a movement holder ring, but I can't be sure. Thanks
  11. All right, I found a new shock spring on ebay. Do you care to elaborate on how can I work with a clear bag? Thanks
  12. Could it be possible otherwise to bend a click spring (I have spares) to use it as a replacement?
  13. Hello, I'm learning watch making as hobby since roughly 3 months. My first project was DIY automatic watch (pic bellow) with the following parts: (Miyota 8215, explorer case, california dial, mercedes hands) My second project is to renovate a Laco-Sport from the 60's. I'm having some issues with it as I mentioned it here:
  14. Hey there, I'm new to the forum and I have a question: I recently started experimenting with watchmaking. For my first project, I purchased a cheap and old Laco-sport with a Durowe 441 caliber. I strip the movement down, cleaned everything with lighter fluid, oil the parts that needed oiling and put everything back together. When taking apart the shockproof jewel from the balance wheel, I somehow managed to loose the brass clip that retains the whole system together. So my question is, how can replace that missing brass clip (I believed it's called a lyra-spring)? Thank you.
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