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    Alright fellows. I checked for voltage using the 1.5V battery and I do get a pulse on all coils. This is great news as it eliminate the integrated circuit. I removed the battery and checked for coils resistance. Red coil (30 min counter) gave me a resistance within the specs. Green coil (time...which works) gave me proper resistance reading as well. Than when I tested the two other yellow coils (60 second chrono for both hand, its a split chrono), I had no values...which indicates the circuit is pretty much open and the coil is busted. I put back the battery and to my surprise the time function (the only thing that was working) does not work any more. I did not rechecked the resistance on it as I was too frustrated at that point. so my questions now: 1- Is there any possibilities I busted the coil by checking it for resistance? I mean, there is a current going through it for the multimeter to check it and these things are quite sensitive. 2- Any website where I can buy coils (yellow and green) separately...and coil screws too? The head of one snapped when screwing it down... Any support is greatly appreciated (moral support too...) Renaud
  2. Renaud


    Thanks everyone! I doubt it is battery connection. The watch time fonction works very precisely. I did a thorough inspection of the watch and there seems to be no dirt or connection issues with the coil. I suspected the coils for a while but they show no damage. I also swapped the 30 min coil with the 60 sec coil to see if one might be faulty but nothing. That said I have not checked the resistance of each coil yet (full electrical check base on the technical service diagram). I found no corrosion or connection issue with the movement's components that are pushed by the button. The fact that it runs on 1.5V and means that little resistance is required for it not work is a good point. Right now I suspect either the circuit board or dirt (but again, the watch is pretty clean). regardless it sounds like I will have to fully strip this thing down, clean all the parts, re-assemble and lubricate...good thing I bought an automatic seiko 5 as a backup watch...
  3. Renaud


    I have a Hamilton Khaki ETO using ETA 251.292 (but doesn't have tenth of a second dial). Recently the watch chronograph has stopped working. It will no longer start and the hands can no longer be reset by pulling the crown and pressing the buttons. I first thought it could have been the battery but then I replaced it and the problem still persists. I downloaded the tech manual for the movement and opened the watch to have a closer look. I found nothing, the coil are in good conditions, the buttons are working fine and the gears are also in good order. So what could cause the chronograph not to work on this particular movement? All I can think of is an electrical problem (corroded circuit board or a faulty coil, rotor maybe?). Any help would be greatly appreciated as the watch holds sentimental value. Renaud
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