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  1. Today's watch is my grandads old Roamer which I acquired in 1986. It had been sat in the cupboard all this time but finally I have had it repaired and serviced. It required a new main spring. It keeps great time although I only wear it when sat in the office. I don't know its age but I do know that the movement is an MST 430.
  2. It doesn't come out very often but I'm wearing my Burke today. I bought this in Plymouth back in 1985/6 when they first came out. All original and still keeps almost perfect time, loses about 2 seconds a month. I just wish I still had the box, but that probably got dumped by my parents when they moved house and I was away in the navy.
  3. Just a quick hello from me. A few details about myself. I'm now in my mid 50's and have always been interested in watches, but over the years I have usually just had one watch and worn it to destruction, usually Casios or similar cheap quartz offerings. I did buy a couple of Seiko's along the way which are hardly used and still run OK. A lumibrite kinetic (5M42) and a lucky purchase in 1984 of a H556-5050 "Burke". Both get the occasional outing when I am not doing anything that could cause them damage. I also have my grandfathers old Roamer (in working condition) but not sure how old it is, although I would guess at least 70 years. Look forward to getting some great tips on here to keep them in good running condition.
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