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  1. Recently bought a new mainspring from Cousins for a Seiko 6309 (spring code GR2534X). Had to wait a while as this was new stock arriving. This is the spring their database says is for this movement. Having fitted the spring the end was far too large to fit the arbour and would not wind. Tried tightening but the end of the spring broke off. Has anyone else had this problem? The spring is clearly not suitable. Is their an alternative that anyone has fitted that works? I ended up using a spare I had but it would be nice to know what others have done.
  2. As a matter of interest, which Seiko is it for? I want one for a 6309 - GR2534X which is also out of stock.
  3. Many thanks for that. Just checked and found it, but would have probably lost it if you hadn't mentioned it. Phew!
  4. Well the back does come off despite no signs of previous removal, unlike the bezel. Ready for a strip down. Looks good so far.
  5. I've got this 1963 Seiko 66. Not worked on one of these before. Can anyone advise how I get the movement out please? I have removed the bezel and it started to run, probably because the bent second hand was stuck, which is promising. It doesn't look like the back comes off but I'm not sure? Does the crown and stem pull out or unscrew? Any help appreciated.
  6. Thanks Watchweasol. Looks like I have the wrong spring! From the tech sheet I'm missing 2575 date jumper spring and 2576 date jumper. I guess the jumper fits under the guard to the left where there is a pivot (which has a washer now and is how I found it) and the spring then probably goes in after the guard is fitted in the void above? Looks like I need to find a donor.
  7. I have nearly rebuilt this Orion BF866 which is now running but when I stripped it and removed the day wheel there was this spring just lying underneath (indicated by pointer). I'm sure it should be under tension somewhere? Does anyone know please?
  8. Thanks for that. I will have to think about whether I do this or not!! I have some spare movements I could practice on which would be good experience and another new task to undertake. All good fun. Thanks everyone.
  9. I did wonder about using nail clippers. Is it best to nip up the pinion in situ or take it off and do it?
  10. So in effect the hands are slipping against the motion works? Tightening the cannon pinion is beyond me as I don't have the correct equipment at the present time. A clean may also be necessary as Clockboy mentions. Thanks for your imput.
  11. When setting the time it is very loose. Could that mean the canon opinion needs tightening?
  12. I have this Vostok Europe K3 auto with hand winding circa 2007 which is losing 2 minutes per hour!! However, on the TG the results are looking pretty good as shown in the photo when dial up. Other positions are similar. If I leave the watch wound up and dial up it immediately starts losing time yet the readings contradict this. Any thoughts what might be the problem please.
  13. Thanks for all your useful comments and advice. In view of what has been said, I would like to get the watch working and will see what the pocket watch repairers in Oxfordshire have to say. Regards Paul
  14. Good afternoon. I have got this watch which I believe is a silver German officers marine deck watch circa 1943 by Vacheron Constantin. My father- in- law gave me the watch in the 1970's and I had it repaired as I remember the balance shaft was damaged. It's not been used since but it no longer works and I would like some advice on what to do please. Would it be viable to get it repaired and serviced? Where would I go for this? Any idea of the likely cost assuming just a service is needed? The watch has sentimental value so would not be sold. Would anyone have an idea of it
  15. I am delighted to join this forum. I have always been interested in watches and still have my early ones. Recently I have had much enjoyment in acquiring and repairing old Seiko auto watches with much help on Utube from Mike of My Retro Watches, Mark Lovick and of course this forum. Many thanks. Looking through my cupboard recently I came across this old stopwatch that I acquired in the early seventies. It has never worked and upon opening it I was delighted to see this lovely swiss movement. In one corner is a box with spares. My next project I think.
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