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  1. Wow, thank you very much! I understand exactly what you are saying. I learned how to correct rate according to usual wearing habits. I've been wearing an automatic watch for over 15 years, but it's the first time I've thought about the rate because there's never been such a strange daily rate.
  2. Thank you. I took this opportunity to learn about omega cal.1120 movement. COSC certification Perhaps 44-46H PowerReserve similar form to eta2892 51' lift angle ( I have a document that says 53') I don't know why rate is +100s/d, but I'll go back to the repair shop.
  3. Thank you At first, I thought magnetism was a problem. When I measured it with a magnetic field meter app, it probably didn't have a problem. If the watch is left(Dial Up) until 24 hours after fullwind, it will have the same error for near +97 seconds. I've just measured it again. 15 hours after fullwind, +100s/d is still measured. Aplitude has decreased a little. Perhaps the rate does not increase or decrease significantly until 50% of the power reserve remains. If there's nothing wrong with the other parts, I think I've had a large rate since I got it from the repairer.
  4. I understand what you mean. Although measured by the timing machine by the repairer, I wonder why such a large rate has occurred. I'll take it back to him and explain it to him. Thank you for helping me. Have a good day
  5. Thank you for the comments The method you mentioned will reduce rate. If the watch isn't broken, what should I set the rate reading to? It is difficult to determine a figure that is not inconvenient to use.
  6. Hello I wrote introduce myself right after I joined. Nice to meet you. I don't know the history of repairs before the watch came into my hands. I received an overhaul service 2 weeks ago, Overhauled by a very professional repairer. Perhaps the mainspring has not been replaced. A few days later, I suddenly felt that the rate was strange.
  7. In short, How do I adjust the timegrapher display rate with the fullwind status?
  8. Hello I have a question about correct Daily rate. Here is Timegrapher app data. (Omega cal.1120, Dial Up) Starting with +107s/d, rate is gradually decrease. Power reserve (not very accurate) 100% -> +107s/d 95% -> +104s/d 85+% -> +101s/d Below 50%, rate is significantly reduced. 24H from 100% -> +73s/d Here is the differences the actual time. Average rate :+97.5s/d I measured Five times at 24H intervals. Fullwind every 24H and then Dial Up status. I want to make the rate close to 0~+5s when I wear it. (or Dial Up position) Power reserve should also be considered when wearing. (Start with 50% PowerReserves) Considering the position error, how many seconds should I correct it? Please think of this as an thought experiment. Thank you for the comments.
  9. I hope so. But it's strange that it wasn't printed for 5 seconds on a regular basis. I'll consider buying a timegrapher
  10. Hello I measured my Omega Caliber 1120 through an timegrapher app. (Dial Up, full wind) I know the app is not very accurate. I checked about +100s/d difference and sharply tilted graph . The odd thing is that the bottom part of the graph is not printed every 100+- seconds.(red-colored circle) Is this a feature of the timegrapher, or does it indicate abnormal state of movement component? Thank you for the comments.
  11. Hello, everyone. I am going to study repairing my watch because I love and love my automatic watches. Thanks for the registration
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