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  1. Hey everyone, I recently 'upgraded' my work space, and while I've found the larger space agreeable I've been having quite a problem with the air quality. The amount of ambient air dust is alarming and on more than one occasion has forced a re-cleaning of pallet stones/hair springs. I bought an air purifier which sits on my desk, but it's simply overwhelmed. I'd obviously love for the air to be absent of any contaminants, but I'm struggling to find a reasonable solution. Has anyone else struggled with this? If so, what was your fix? Thanks! Cory
  2. Hi all, My name is Cory and when not navigating my (frustratingly) demanding career I like to repair, service, and build watches. I am really excited to become a member of this forum and look forward to connecting with the community here. Outside of my mentor, I don't know any one else involved in this hobby/trade, so it will be wonderful to share experiences, seek advice from, and exchange images with you all. I've attached an picture of a recent service/conversion I did for a UT-6498. Thanks! Cory
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