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  1. Ah the lady diver uses this movement too, lots of info and walk throughs already out there with just a simple google search. Such as: https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2015/01/14/lady-diver-the-seiko-2205-0760/ Saves me a lot of work, almost every one has a better camera
  2. I think that if you just watch the lessons, well you know how calm and demonstrative that Mark can be. I guess to get the most value you would have to be hands on and follow along. But the cost of tools and scrap movements, lubricants and a work area hmm. I suppose if you bought a $5000 motorcycle would a $250 community college course on how to ride the thing be worth it? You bet it would. But if you were determined half a kitchen table and a couple hundred dollars worth of ebay tools would allow you to find out for sure. Can you actually manipulate screws that are like specks of dust to the naked eye? and if you find out you like that sort of thing you could get miles ahead of those folks who are waiting till next summer. Super valuable I think.
  3. This evenings victim is a Seiko from December of 1970. The only issue other than being a daily wear for some mod rocker back in the day is the crown has no click. Winding, time and date changes as normal but something is amiss in the keyless work. My fabulous-ly inexpensive tool for unscrewing casebacks will not shrink small enough to capture the grooves so a moments thought and some rearranging of the bits allows us to get started. Checking the inside of the back for service marks shows no entry, screw heads seem undisturbed by other rookies such as myself and of course I have forgotten to set the time to allow easy removal of the hands. Reinserting the crown and stem and using hand pullers with plastic bag leaves the dial in pretty good shape even with my clumsy handling. Of course you folks see it although I didn't: the adapter ring is still around the movement barring access to the dial feet screws. Looking around we see two screws at the tip of the tweezers that look like they will do the job. Sure enough the ring drops away and the foot screws can be loosened on either side of of the dial. Removing the dial while looking for a washer underneath we see the broken spring end laying on the date wheel. Of course all this manipulation without a movement holder will probably cause more trouble later. But at least without the dial getting squished we now secure this tiny movement a little more properly. Removing the weight reveals the winding mechanism. Depressing button just above the crown allows stem to be replaced, then held while holding the click just below the stem to take the small residual power away after all this abuse. Amplitude seems quite minimal but not unexpected since I've probably squished things pretty good a few times up to this point. Feeling pretty intimidated at this point, put everything away until tomorrow night. See you then!
  4. This parrot is pining for the fjords It is an "ex movement"
  5. Enough came in the mail today to get the bloodbath started
  6. There will be a glorious attempt at disassembly, followed by many a muttered epithets. Then victory will be declared whether in the scrap bin or not. Please do not tell my wife how much a real set a screwdrivers actually cost!
  7. Also I was a little worried about my screwdriver technique but after looking inside I don't think any one will be able to tell my slips from what is already there, heh!
  8. As always when I look at a watch movement I am surprised by how small everything is. It's a shock compared to what is shown in a large monitor with a good camera setup in an online video for instance. What really caught my eye was when I took a look inside the case back. There is tiny 0.5mm writing: MB (initials?) and 1288 (month/year?) Also I am testing uploading images as well, so sorry if it isn't formatted correctly
  9. Thanks all, get ready for some really silly questions!
  10. Got a watch as a gift and now find myself viewing Mark's videos about how its all put together. Wife is teasing me about how often I'm looking at youtube so have decided to get doing instead. Ordered up a wooden clock kit from Amazon and it was fun to build and tune and it is ticking away on the wall beside me, surprisingly accurate considering I have a drink and a snack ready so let's go
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