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  1. Hi, I have an issue with the date function on my Certina DS2 Super PH1000M. I had a new date change wheel fitted last year when the little spring fell off the existing one (a common problem on these I understand). It worked fine for a short while but then I put it in the safe for a few months & didn't wear it again until recently. The problem is that the date starts to change just before midnight but doesn't completely click into place. The watch hands then become stuck at 12.12 (from memory..could be 12.07 otherwise) If I pull the crown out and very carefully & slo
  2. Hi, I'm a Yorkshireman at heart living in Bath UK. I have a modest collection of old watches, some British military. I'm interested in how they work. I'm not sure I am ready for dismantling one of my watches yet, but I'm here to learn. Looking forward to being a member.
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