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  1. So after a few weeks waiting for my dealer's watch repair guy to return, he called me today to say that the local guy did something to the timing which required a full service on the watch. He said that when he had the watch the first time he did a full service on it as well. I am getting the watch back tomorrow and hopefully this fix will be permanent.
  2. I'm going to give them one more chance to see if it can get fixed. If that doesnt work I will have someone else work on it. Thanks again for all of the help guys. I will let you know how things go.
  3. I have tried advancing the hands when I the watch is stopped and it does not make a difference to get it running again.
  4. Does the hour wheel have one revolution every hour or 12 or 24?
  5. Its happened both night and morning.
  6. So once again the watch has stopped around 8:30 at night. I have pulled out the crown to keep the movement stopped. I am going to reach out to the dealer and see if he wants to take it back in. Hoping that by keeping the movement stopped whatever is knocking it loose won't get it moving again. I am noticing the watch stops around the same time (around 8:30 at night or between 7-8 in the morning) so I wonder if a gear at a specific time is causing a problem. Can anyone confirm if any specific gear is regulated or has a 12 or 24 hour single rotation?
  7. Thanks for the support. I was not shown the bent balance staff. I was just told it was bent and replaced. The watch was purchased from an AD in 2018 and I purchased it in late 2018 from the grey dealer. I dont believe the oils are dried out. Not on a watch so new. Over oiling could be possible and could happen to anyone. Since I left the local repair ship the watch has been working well. No stops so far. He did de-magnetize it which may have fixed it? Maybe whatever was binding things up loosened when he opened up the watch? Time will tell if the problem is fixed or not. I
  8. Thanks guys for all of the feedback. To answer your questions, I was shocked to hear that the balance staff was bent. I This watch is not mis-treated at all. The local watch repairmen suggesting the oils dried out doesn't sound right and I think he was giving a vague answer since he knew we wasn't going to work on the watch and I told him he I was working with the sellers watch repair person. There is another watch repair shop thats further away but they said they have a huge back log in repairs. The watch should not have been magnetized but the watch repair man did de-magne
  9. I took it to a local watch shop today. Before I left the house the watch was stopped but it started up again before I got there. The repair man said the watch was timed at 2 lines and got it back to 1 line. I assume he was talking about the amplitude. He thinks the oils inside are dried out causing the issue. He also de-magnitized it just in case that was the issue. Its been running fine since then so we will see.
  10. I was shocked to hear the balance staff was bent. I still have no idea how that could have happened. I baby my watches. I do even place them on hard surfaces to make sure the clasps get scratched. I dont do any sports and I have desk job from my house and when the watch isnt worn it sits in a watch winder. so I have no idea.
  11. The watch has stopped about 8 at night and a few time between 7-8 in the morning. Today it stopped at 7:40 in the morning and again around 9:00.
  12. I need to find the time to take it to a watch repair guy around me. It stopped again on me this morning for about 20 minutes before it started up again. There is a guy that gets some good review for watch repair I will try to stop by and ask.
  13. The grey market dealer I bought the watch from is a seller from the Rolex Forum. He is one of the more reputable sellers on the forum so I doubt very much he would sell a fake. Also he is willing to get this fixed for me even though RSC is not honoring the warranty. The watch is a new submariner with black dial.
  14. Hi everybody. I have a Rolex Submariner 116610LN I purchased one year ago from a grey market dealer brand new. The watch has been a daily wearer for most of the year only rotating it out with a few other watches. In December 2019, the watch was randomly stopping. The watch had sufficient power reserve on the main spring. One morning the watch was on my watch winder when I went to put it on it was completely stopped. I picked it up, gave it a few winds, it would tick a few seconds and then stop. I first reached out to Rolex Service Center and after a few discussions and emails, they
  15. Hello everybody. I have been watching Marks watch repair channel on you tube and it has definitely made me appreciate luxury watches. I look forward to talking to all of you soon.
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