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  1. The request was made to get the watches running. I was told they would be cleaned, serviced, and properly adjusted. I left two watches to be serviced. The one I described earlier and an Illinois "Bunn Special" railroad pocket watch. I paid for and received both back after about 3 weeks and both stopped running on the hour drive back to my home. I returned the watches to the shop the next day and we are now in the "warranty" repair phase. I guess it is just trial and error now until the all of the issues have been identified and corrected. I didn't realize it how long it would take to identify
  2. Thank you for your replies. I have not tested it dial face down but I will. I will again return it to the repair technician. Thank you again.
  3. I have an Elgin pocket watch that I have had recently serviced because it would not run. Since I have received back from service the watch will only run when it is laying flat. If I carry the watch it stops. Any ideas of what the problem may be? Elgin Serial#1140270 Grade 64; 7j; Size 8S; Model 1; Made ~1883 [email protected]
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