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  1. Thanks, I have an English fusee lever dated 1853 that is wound but not running. I need some more practice on fusee movements before I tackle this one..
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. Unfortunately there are some parts missing remember this was just a pile of parts mixed up with other bits. The fusee chain is intact but I haven't installed it as it is missing the barrel ratchet. I particularly like the face engraved on the balance cock. I may put it in the tank and give it a good clean.
  3. Hi, I found this fusee verge watch in scattered pieces in a box of parts bought from a local market. I have reassembled as much as I can and would really like to know how old it is? The only information I have is the makers name, Thomas Collins of London. Any help would be appreciated. Frank
  4. I also have a copy of Practical Watch Repairing by Donald De Carle and from a beginner's perspective I think the Henry Fried volume is more comprehensive. I throw it open to the more experienced members for their opinion... Frank
  5. Just got this, looking forward to expanding my knowledge.. Frank
  6. Hello and thanks for accepting me. I enjoy fumbling about with watches and clocks now that I have retired. Building my range of tools and absorbing as much information as possible. A steep learning curve in terms of skills and knowledge. Looking forward to getting to know some of the other members soon.
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