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  1. Yup, you are entirely correct. Heading to the phone now, hopefully they will exchange or explain.
  2. Thank you. That looks exactly like the pin I extracted, however, upon calling Seiko their response was 1 plain pin, two pipes. I'm guessing the pin I extracted was used when the bracelet was shortened. Thank you for the comment about the watch, I am getting excited to wear it! Also thank you for the link, I'm sure I'll be using their services in the future. Confirmed by Seiko as I replied above, but with two pipes, not one. On order and headed my way tomorrow. I was also able to order extra links for the Grey Ghost ( 5M53- 0B40), so I'm pretty excited by that too! Thanks f
  3. Hi, the bracelet on my SARB033 is a D385-3C, it's currently too small for me to wear. I have two spare links, but no pins for them. On removing a pin from the bracelet I found it to be nothing like a cotter pin, nor did it appear to be a "pin and tube". It was more like a pin with a thicker end that was knurled . I'm looking for resources to purchase a few of these pins, also links and pins for a JDM Seiko (a Grey Ghost titanium kinetic) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Trev.
  4. Simple as that. Huh. Thanks @jdm, @watchweasol. Loc tite 243 in the basket! I did notice the movement seems a bit loose in the case. Can either of you tell if it's missing anything from the pics, or do you need a better/different pic to tell? Trev.
  5. Thank you for the kind welcome! @watchweasol, yes, and since that's the case, I will rarely be posting on a weekday. @Nucejoe thank you, I'm hoping to learn and develop a new , lasting hobby! @oldhippy thank you, a friendly place is always appreciated. @Johnnie should I have brought my jacket, or will one be provided? @ITProDad looking to learn, glad to be here.
  6. Hi, new to repairing, just getting my feet wet, so be prepared for me to use incorrect language, and have things explained like I'm 5 :) A couple years ago, I purchased a Seiko Sportsmatic Weekdater, cal. 6619-7050. Soon after purchase, the crown detached from the stem, and I took it in to local watchmaker for repair. It was returned in apparently good shape, but actually the problem still exists. I'd like to learn how to fix the problem, and hopefully bring this watch back to my wrist. It appears that the crown screws onto the stem, but that is as far as I have got.
  7. Hi, my name is Trevelyan, but I generally go by Trev. Clearly, I'm new here, and fairly new to watch repair also. I'm excited to learn more as I'm at my limit right now. So far it's been the simple stuff, strap changes, bracelet sizing, battery changes and one foray into removing a movement to reset a floating index pip. I'd like to learn how to regulate my mechanical and automatic watches, perform simple maintenance and possibly dip into modding. Other stuff: I live in Ohio, but I'm an expat Brit, been over here nearly 30 years. I work for a delivery company (we wear brow
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