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  1. thanks .. witch Bergeon kit would you recommend? thanks again
  2. Hi everyone .. im looking for some advice for a present for my dad. My grandfather, his dad owned a watch repair shop.. in delhi between 1950- 1980 ash. he's always been fascinated with the mechanical watch movements. he's now retired ENT surgeon based in the UK.. and wanted to get him a good repair kit to start taking apart and repairing mechanical watches.. he's well versed in small fiddly work given his previous career and using microscopes.. loupes and fine motor skills.. looking for recommendations for a birthday present for a starter kit.. ive been looking but as this is not something im familiar with.. struggling to decide on a good option. ideally something that has a good case holder (versatile in terms of size.. up to large mens watch sizes) and all the required tools to get started. If it comes in a nice case would be beneficial.. budget up to £120 , but can push a bit more if it really fits the bill.. also looking for some mechanical watches for him to start playing with.. any suggestions welcome. thanks all Atul
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