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  1. the technical data specifies a Renata battery, which is Swiss made. I wonder if that makes a difference? It had an energizer 341 in it
  2. Here is the movement from my timepiece and a screenshot of an ETA 959001 I found online:
  3. watchweasol: looking again, the number stamped on the rim of the movement appears to be 959001. challenging to read these little stamps even with a good loupe
  4. watchweasol: stamped on the outer rim of the movement is "989001" . Printed on black material in the movement is "Unadjusted" beneath that: "six 6 jewels" beneath that: "V 8"
  5. (couldn't be 1919 given it's a quartz movement)
  6. caveat: the date etched into the back is hard to read. the year might be 79. Can't read it very well even with the loupe
  7. here's a shot of the inside of the case back. Best I can manage. Can't read the fine print but I listed it in my last post
  8. here's a shot of the inside of the case back. Best I can manage. Can't read the fine print but I listed it in my last post
  9. watchweasel, yes I'm having fun with it. Polishing up the case while waiting for the $1.00 battery from Amazon. Make: Chopard Numbers on the back: 340677 and beneath that number, 4103 Inside the case back there are a number of stamps and etchings, including: LUC (stamped) which Chopard says designates their highest quality in-house work, made only at two locations in Switzerland 750 (stamped) designating gold this etched at 6:00 o'clock: "MS 10/09/19" In the center - the Chopard logo image with balance scales beneath it and "750" stamped between the scales beneath that, "TM 19735" etched. I wish I could take a nice close of the inside of the case back but it's all to small for anything I have to take pics.
  10. progress, thanks to all of you in this forum! It was a split stem, indeed, that had to be pulled out with scary force. Now to the next step - energizer 341, and see if I can get get the stem back together.
  11. Okay thanks again everyone!
  12. thank you all for your helpful replies. Here are pictures, responding to one of the replies, of what I'm dealing with. separating at the midline removes the movement from the crystal. The close up of the back shows the disk that has to be removed to access the battery. There is no opening anywhere along that circle. I was able to get Chopard to tell me, at least, that it is not a screw on. Of course they recommend sending it to them for the battery replacement, which I'm sure will cost a couple hundred at least
  13. there is a slight opening in the center line opposite the stem, at 9 o'clock. I was able to open that, but that line merely removes the movement, with the back still on it, from the crystal, which remains in the top case. I think the part that has to be removed is the fine circle that is set in from the edge on the back of the watch. Is that what you recommend using a razor on?
  14. I have a ladies Chopard classic watch that needs a battery changed. I usually change batteries DIY but have not been able4 to figure out how to remove the case back on this one. Can anyone help?
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