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  1. I was able to get the movement that was running slow going pretty good. But no it has another strange issue... It runs strong except for when it is pitched at a certain angle (while dial is facing up, crown slightly angled up and 12 o'clock on dial angled slightly down). At first I thought the hands might have been catching the crystal or dial markers but when I stripped the watch down to just the movement, the balance still stopped oscillating when pitched at that angle. Before discovering this I let the watch run on my table for a day and it was keeping good time. Any ideas on this one?
  2. still sitting high right? what can I do to push it down?
  3. Ah okay was hoping to avoid that but I'll give it a shot if I have to. I saw an old post of yours on removing the balance/hairspring: Once removed (and possibily demagnetized), should the hairspring just settle back into place? Also, the the hairsprings on the two #24 movements look off to you?
  4. The first two were 24s and the third is a 25 Edit: Good eye you nailed all of them Is there an easy way to reposition the hairsprings?
  5. Post 3 - the last curl of the spring is down by the guide but the rest is way up high
  6. Here's a bunch of photos. Hopefully these show it a little better. I'm going to break the photos into 3 post. The first post slow running. Second post not running, third is another I pulled out where the spring looked really off. Is there a guide somewhere on correcting the mainsprings?
  7. I think one of the hairsprings was sitting a little crooked. I'll try to take some better pictures tonight. How would I straighten it out? Do I have to remove the balance and re-pin the spring? On the one that doesn't run the balance moves when rotated with a finger but won't turn when wound. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  8. I gave them about a 20 minute soak in lighter fluid before I started trying to get them running. I might have been a little to excessive in oiling the vconic on them. I'm going to re-soak tonight and try again. Do you think that ultrasonic cleaning would be beneficial? I was going to by small Mason jars to place the movements and lighter fluid in the place them into an ultrasonic clearer to try and better loosen up any dirt and gunk inside. The first 4 pics are the movement running slowly and the others are the movement that wouldn't run
  9. Thanks for the help. I was able to get the pins back in the fork. One movement still isn't running but the other is sorta working. The one thats working is running super slow and weakly. The oscillation of the balance seems slow and the swing is only around a quarter rotation, where I've read I should be getting at least a half turn during the oscillation. When resetting the "working" impulse pin I accidently knocked the fork without rotating the balance and the impulse pin engaged. I re-disengauged the impulse pin, rotated the balance, and reset the impulse pin, but now I'm thinking that
  10. Thank you guys for the help! I'll give it a shot tonight and try to upload some pictures. Should the fork be pushed past the pin, then moved back to allow the finger to catch?
  11. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and watch repair in general and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on the issues I'm having with these movements. I received the two watches for parts/repair hoping to repair them back to working order. I cleaned the movements following guides online/the repair manual, lubricated and found both movements still not working. They both take a wind but the balance wheel refuses to oscillate. Looking through a loupe I see that the impulse peg is sitting outside the "fork" pallet lever. On one movement it sits to the left and the other
  12. I've been lurking and felt it would be good to finally join. Definitely a lot of knowledge to absorb here!
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