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  1. Yes it's definitely wrong. I realized after I purchased it. So I am just having fun challenging myself to make it work. If I can get the internals to work I will have at it with a metal file and see what I can do as far as shaping. Outcome doesn't matter it's just working on the skills. if I totally botch it I'll find the right case. Maybe get that guy Milk to make me one.
  2. assembled picture shows how spacer makes dial work with the cae I had. Black disk is the spacer I made from a brass dial by turning a dremel into a lathe. I beat up the case nicely with acid and abrasion and a few hits so it looks 50 years old and saw some action. Yes yes yes... I'll turn the R into a B so it's says "Bolex" like I promised. I just wanted a real Role dial so the printing was spot on.
  3. Ouch, that's harsh. It's going well. Current challenge, frustrated with getting the correct diameter date dial. The date is off center in the window for the dial I have. I'll have to find one that is the right diameter and then shave/thin the one I have and find a way to glue it on perfectly centered. I have been quiet here because I found a forum where guys focus on making Frankenstein watches "RWI". Its' been an incredible resource for parts and input on fitting things together. These guys hotrod some crazy shit, it's awesome. There is one guy there "milk" who machines entire cases f
  4. What is the name of the color of the Brando markes? I see everything from "Cream" "light brown" to "Pumpkin"? Or are those all different colors?
  5. I see thsi sloppy print on this Master I. Was it really done this way. here is the ebay add. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Rolex-GMT-MASTER-Black-Dial-27-34mm-Item-95391/373032519767?hash=item56da788857:g:I~gAAOSwl7peoITP
  6. I'm getting back to this project. I decided tht I want to include as many real Rolex parts as I can get my hands on. Also over time I can replace non authentic parts with real ones as I find them. I decided that I definetly want a eal patina GMT dial to start. I see the Master series I are very expensive but teh Master II's are in the <$500 range with damage. Any guidelines for identifying fake dials vs real? Posts in the back and their location? markings on the back of the dial? Features on front? for example what are the correct time periods for "T<25" vs "Swiss Made" at the ba
  7. Under close examination that ridge doesn't look like a parting line. Sure it come apart there? If I decide to go teh crystal pull route what is the easiest/cheapest way?
  8. I do not have a dial on this watch (skeleton). So I will just leave it out and press the minute hand down far enough to keep the hour gear lined up then?
  9. I purchased a movement to play around with. The hour gear (hand mounts onto) came with a wave washer. I assume the washer goes under it and I should add a little oil to it? Thanks
  10. Could this be real? Not working parts watch for only $1k?
  11. Che's a communist. There would be some serious hypocrisy if he tried to make money off his t-shirts. By definition (if alive) he would have to let people profit off his likeness, not himself. They woudl of course do great thus building a t-shirt empire with an unfair compensation structure. He would eventually not be able to stand by and watch this injustice. Che would infiltrate the worker community and start a union. There would be resistance from leadership resulting in a violent overthrow. The new leadership would then run the company successfully for a little bit. Workers would even
  12. Can we resolve the ethical issue if I put "Bolex" on it in the Rolex font, (Brando + Rolex). It will get someone from a distance who knows watches to engage in a conversation but when they actually look at it I have to explain quickly what it is about. Deal?
  13. This watch isn't about the quality. It's about the fun of making it. Like making a model car. I had a good time making it and adding my own details that weren't' there like mud splatter and a rust spot on the fender. I also think it's a good fishing lure at social events. I think someone who knows watches would ask about this thing. Regular people wouldn't. Gouges and scratches on the case? Where's the Bezel? Did that used to belong to an underwater welder who worked on wounded submarines like a road side assistance service of the sea? I think my first response is going to be
  14. So again then. if I purchase a movement that says it is GMT should I be concerned that the picture does not show all three hands on the center post?
  15. Oh wait. Is the GMT hand a 24 hour for a full rotation? So the three hands are then 1 hour full rotation (minutes) 12hour full rotation (hours) 24hr full rotation(GMT)
  16. So be clear. A Rolex GTM has no additional internal mechanisms to drive the GTM hand separately. It is just a second hand on the hour post? The same effect could be had with just a single hour hand and the rotating bezel as mentioned above?
  17. Just to educate me a bit. The GMT hand is not on the same post as the regular hour hand. This is so it can be adjusted to the secondary time zone. This means it is driven by the same hour gear set but is clutched somehow so it can be set by a different position on the stem? When I see movements that say "GTM" but only show a normal hour and minute hand set can I assume there is a place for the GMT hand? If so why wouldn't they include or show that hand as well? Thanks, Adam
  18. Something doesn't look right about those Chinese movements. They have a second hand at the 9:00 position and don't show the GMT hand.
  19. Awesome thanks. Is one (EYTA, Seagull, Hangzhou) better than the others?
  20. I may just buy parts and have some fun to see what I end up creating. I guess weather or not I put a Rolex dial on it is kinds irrelative for what I am doing which I guess is "Make a Rat Rod tough looking has some stories to tell field watch" Which movement do you recommend? Are any of these submariner and not GMT or can I assume they are all GMT? ETA2836; Seagull2836; Miyota8215/8205; DG2813/3804(GMT) Thanks, Adam
  21. It's more about the project. Maybe collecting the parts is the way to go to make it a full "Adam" creation. I guess the only fake part then would be if I put a Rolex dial on it. But maybe what I really want is to find a neglected GMT or Submariner and go from there. Could I find one that is running but missing bracelet, bezel, scratched crystal for $1k?
  22. Before you judge me hear me out. I saw that that Marlon Brandos GMT from "Apocalypse Now" recently sold. I though it was a very cool moded watch. It was modified to look like a military field watch. With Rolex's roots being in robustness and heavy active use this seemed like a cool idea. The watch had the bezel removed and a non metal band. Definetly looked like it was a tool more than a fashion accessory. I wanted to make one like that for fun, but of course wasn't going to trash a real one. So I am looking for a high end replica GMT or regular Sub to do this to. I plan to remove
  23. That great. Thanks. I was more concerned abut the end of the threads then needed I guess. usually when I cut threads I put a nut on to unwind and straighten them or get a file under a magnifying glass and straighten it.
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