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  1. It is quite apparent to me now that these two pieces are not from the same stem. MrRoundel was correct in seeing the beveled edge on the end piece. If the fit of the stem is truly unique to the original then I suppose I'll have to figure out how these two pieces were intended to work when they were put in there
  2. I considered that possibility. When I first got the watch it wound and set fine. It's the only pocketwatch I've had so I don't have a feel for these things but I thought the mechanism felt a bit loose. I just took it out of the case for the first time and figured the stem had already broken yet was being held together somewhat. Or perhaps I broke it by angling the movement out of the case. If it were in one piece. The end of the stem would seem to rest properly in the groove cut out in the movement. Excuse my lack of proper vocabulary.
  3. Thanks for your insight. It's been difficult to find a stem for an elgin this long. I've attached a couple pictures of the watch.
  4. This is probably very obvious but I'd like to be certain. Attached is a picture of the two pieces of the stem I pulled out of my Elgin 345 pocketwatch. This stem is broken right? I can't seem to find a single picture of an Elgin 12s pocketwatch stem online. Images of other stems don't look nearly as long as mine would be if it was in one piece. Nevertheless the watch won't set or wind so something is wrong. I'm still getting familiar with the keyless works on different timepieces. I wasn't sure if somehow these two pieces function independently. Thanks.
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