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  1. Thanks to you both, a lesson learned! Fortunately the watch cost very little, and will donate its value in donations to other movements.
  2. Evening all, hoping for yet more help with my increasing pile of unfinished Seiko 7009s! I bought an eBay watch a week or so ago, received in the post yesterday. After removing the movement for a service, the glass fell out of the case, complete with what appears to be an undersized gasket and flat ring. I'm now trying to work out what to order to assemble the parts, and what I need to replace. The depth of the recess in the case is 1.8mm, the glass is 1mm thick, the flat ring is 0.8mm, the gasket is too small for the glass. My instinct is that the flat ring goes in first, th
  3. Afternoon all. I'm in the process of reviving a set of Seiko 5 watches, based on the 7009 movement, my first foray into watch repairs. I have one case that requires a new glass, but unfortunately the caseback specifies a model that is different to the case itself, so the caseback is no use in identifying the required glass. So I'm thinking that I need to measure the case to find an appropriate glass. The diameter of the recess is 28.7mm, and 1.1mm deep. so I thinking I need a gasket of 28.7x28.0mm, and a glass with a diameter of 28.1mm,1.0mm thick. It is my first go at installing
  4. Thanks to you all for the welcome. I like the large plastic bag idea, and will be using that. The speedtimerkollektion link is a revelation, so pleased to have a source of projects/parts other than eBay!
  5. Many thanks to you both, I will source a new bridge. The number of 7009a on ebay is staggering!
  6. Hello all, I'm a novice to watchmaking, and was hoping for some advice about potentially repairing my first movement, a Seiko 7009A. The picture below shows the parts of interest, the barrel and train wheel bridge, and what I think is a part that should be a 'press fit' into the bridge (not sure what name to give this part). The parts diagram for the movement suggests that the two parts are in fact single item (112 143). I recognise that an option here would be to source a new barrel and train wheel bridge, but was wondering whether the existing parts could be repaired. I'm gu
  7. Morning all, I'm a complete novice when it comes to watches, but have certainly caught the bug over the past couple of months. Started with a 'Build your own watch from eBay parts' (with help from the excellent YouTube videos), and now I've moved on to the servicing/repair of a Seiko 5 with 7009 movement. I have three observations from my initial foray: If there is an opportunity for anything to spring from the desk, it will Chances of finding something that has left the desk is about 10% It is going to take a while to become proficient with tweezers My passion i
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