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  1. Lovely pictures and video. Thanks for sharing. The dial looks good. Why do you think it's not a good job? Can you show the repainted dials of other watches, which are done better? Thanks.
  2. Thanks to you all for your kind notes! I'm pleased to be here!
  3. It's probably a quick fix for someone versed on chronographs but I doubt anyone will touch it without doing a full service. A competent full service will be between 3-600 dollars (give or give a hundred or two depending on locale). Many thanks again, Nickelsilver! Very, very much appreciated. Wish you all the very best!
  4. Many thanks for your prompt response, nickelsilver. Very much appreciated! Does much of the movement need to be dismantled for the repair? Would it be an expensive repair? Any idea how much it would cost (best guesstimate? Many thanks for your insight!
  5. I have a UG Tri-Compax from the 1950s or 60s (Calibre 281): The chronograph (centre) seconds hand can’t turn past 58.5 seconds and the whole watch stops ticking/working (nothing moving/turning in the movement). However, when the reset pusher (4 o’clock) is kept pressed, it enables the seconds hand and watch to move/tick again. The reset pusher is released when the chrono seconds hand reaches 60: the watch resumes ticking and the hands move until the chrono seconds hand reaches 58.5s again. The process is repeated. It has been noticed that if the watch is held face down then the reset pusher “procedure” doesn’t always work (i.e. the watch does not resume ticking/moving). It’s usually necessary to turn the watch over and try to press the pusher a few times in order to make the seconds hands move again. The 30-minute sub-dial at 3 o’clock has stopped working, too. If the chrono is not activated, then the watch seems to run properly. What do you think is the problem? Thanks for your insight!
  6. This is a link to a Landeron Chronograph Watch Course document, which is currently still available... http://www.clubderelojeria.com/archivos/01LANDERON51.pdf Hope it helps.
  7. Hi from Vienna. I’m fascinated by anything mechanical, especially watches, but am not a watchmaker. Sometimes binge watch your videos – very addictive! Thank you for the informative entertainment!
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