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  1. Does anyone know if the Agat Stop Watches, that are for sale on sites like ebay, are authentic to the USSR or are they only made to look that they are? Thankyou
  2. Just wondering and does anyone know anywhere good to by parts for a Samurai?
  3. oh never mind it was where i suspected just a little stiff
  4. Although a few days after joining the forum I'm sure an introduction is still appropriate. My passion lies mostly with military and dive watches, however, I can enjoy a variety of time pieces dating across history. As well as this although I am young and lacking knowledge I am here to learn from those who are willing to teach and perhaps voice my own opinions from time to time. Thanks, Ruairidh
  5. That would be a sensible idea as although a very rugged movement the one found in the amphibia has a habit of being very inaccurate.
  6. Yes the loose crown on the Amphibia was to absorb impact so that Vostok could save money and produce a case without a crown guard. They are, as i'm sure anyone who has ever handled one will know, built to a very strict budget.
  7. A question of my own. Does the Kommandirskie have a loose crown like on the Amphibia or is that design feature exclusive to the Amphibia?
  8. Although disappointed I am aware I am talking to far wiser individuals, therefore ill go back to modifying Vostoks for the time being. Thank you all
  9. I am only 18 and pretty new to the art of watch mechanics and i am currently in the process of repairing a nearly 100 year old JLC. However I am having a awful time trying to remove the movement from the case, tightening the screws makes the movement more loose and vice versa. I was wondering if anyone could lend some assistance on how to part it from the case. Thankyou
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