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  1. I was able to find self winding clocks on youtube so there is a possibility of altering them I just don't have the technological or mechanical knowledge to do it. You are correct, they are all 8 day. The man I bought them from informed me that they were all serviced by him and that they will keep time for about a week but for accuracy it is best to rewind after 3 days. I want to clean them myself to learn how to do it. I will get the brasso wadding you recommended. Than you WW!
  2. I picked up these cool cuckoo clocks and want to restore them back to their former glory. Main Question I would like answered - Is there a motor I can buy to install to avoid having to wind them but also keep the main components inside. I want to keep the Sessions clock as our daily chimer but having to wind it every three days is a bit annoying. I don't want to gut the internal components because I love the look and authentic sound. I just wish there was an automatic winder I could install inside. Closest - Seth Thomas woodbury 1970 westminster chime made in Germany. Works perfectly. I am wondering what I can use to clean the wood with and metal bezel. Excellent condition. Seth Thomas 4505 movement, made in US around 1940s. Works perfectly. Style King, made in Germany. I have no idea how old it is? The back door is barely held on because the metal hinges are worn and the bezel is also poorly attached. Keeps decent time and chimes. Sessions, 1920-22 made in US. This is my favorite because it is the oldest, largest, and loudest. The back door is always open because the latch is missing. The bezel is a nice bronze but I would like to know what the best option is to make is cleaner and shine. Does anyone know the value? I picked them all up for $30 a piece.
  3. Watchmaker - I wish I would have read your comment earlier lol. I did in fact ruin the second hand with the tools. After ordering a new set of hands, the watch has been working perfectly! I love it and wear it daily.
  4. Very nice collection! Makes me want to get enough to change out rather than wearing the same watch every day.
  5. If I'm successful in fixing the Hanowa, these are my other watches I would like to service myself. They all work but its been years since I purchased them.
  6. Thank you both for you advice and information! I purchased the following items from esslinger today and they should be arriving next week. I am looking forward to working on this small project and having the watch back to working order. I already had the tool to take the back off and a pair of cheap tweezers that came with the amazon set purchased earlier. The one thing I didn't include was cleaning supplies because I didn't know if they were necessary for just replacing the movement. I chose to get the finger cots as a second option. Watch Hand Remover Tool Compression Spring Style Watch Hand Puller Delta Screwdriver Set 6 Piece Phillips and Flat Head Watch Screwdriver Kit Watch Hand Tool Press for Inserting Installing Wristwatch Hands 100 Pieces Rubber Finger Cots Elastic Guards Medium Size ISA Watch Movement ISA2330/103 Quartz Movement Watch Battery Energizer 371 And 370 Replacement Cell
  7. Background: I know absolutely nothing about how to fix watches. I purchased this Hanowa Swiss Military movement ISA 2330 for $32 on ebay in 2016. I forgot I had it until my other daily watch broke (also Hanowa). After taking it to a watch repair shop to get the battery replaced, we discovered that the second-hand kept sticking. The watch store clerk thought it was the battery, but even after replacing a new one the second hand continued to stick. He recommended doing a "total overhaul". Because I didn't pay very much, I figured it would be a good first project to fix on my own. At first I thought about taking it apart to fix it but trashed that idea when discovering the movement itself is only $16! I guess I expected the movement to be more pricey since a new watch replacement is close to $200. Apologies in advance for those who will shriek at my questions. So here is what I would like to accomplish: - A solution that is easy, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Basically, what would I have to do to keep this watch running for the next 30 years. - Preferably budgeted under $75 Thoughts and questions: 1) Are there "better" movements that I should consider using that will fit this watch? 2) Since I want long-term function, would it be better to make this an automatic movement? 3) How long would a replacement ISA 2330 movement last and is it my best option to keep the watch original?
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