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  1. FLwatchguy73, no, you didn't come across in a bad way and I hope that my response didn't ether. I know most of my thoughts and interests are just outside what the convention would expect from me. It is just that I wish to know as much as my ability allows and like everyone else, time is divided among all of life's responsibilities. For a hobby and within what isn't already spoken fore, I must make the largest gain in the shortest amount of the time. I am under the impression the learning curve may be faster, fitting all the parts together if none of those parts where previously prefit. I
  2. Yes, sorry, my mistake on the movement size. Please see one of my main project objectives, as well as, my financial limitations bellow. My intentions where to pull only "orphaned" and "unneeded" parts languishing among the spares of fellow watch enthusiasts, once again endowing them with their intended purpose. At or near $50.00 plus shipping, for a whole movement to pull each and every component from, would quickly exhaust my budget for this and subsequent years, not to mention violating one of my main objectives. To date I have only received one response to any of m
  3. Yes, I have picked up most of what I currently have from this, as well as, other internet sites. I thought that using this forum I could make contact with a significant number of like minded watch enthusiasts from all walks, continents and countries who might have orphan Waltham 18s model 1899 parts siting unneeded among their spares. My intentions are to purchase (hopefully at a fair price) barter for or graciously accept all the pieces required, while covering the transportation cost. I also intend to catalog all who participated, their locations and (when available) the Waltham serial nu
  4. Hello every one. My wife has asked me to think about giving a watch to my nephew for his birthday (June I believe). After spending some time considering my options and looking at what I had to work with. I thought that building a watch that no two parts came from the same watch (as long no watch was disabled in the process) would peak his interest. The idea of all that accumulated history (from unused/forgotten parts) running once more, would be amazing. I have a significant number of Waltham 18s 1899 parts to start with but will probably need the input from others to actually acc
  5. It also looks like one of the banking screws has been "adjusted" you may want to look into that. Shane
  6. I suppose a better average spring rate, which would result in a more accurate watch throughout the day. Sacrificing some duration in favor of accuracy wouldn't be a bad thing and was probably considered a significant improvement. Thanks again.
  7. I found pictures illustrating what they looked like in several other posts. I remember seeing some of the other components involved whilst previously sorting through boxes of miscellaneous parts. It would be nice if I had enough parts to make a complete assembly. Was it just a mechanism to reduce the likelihood of a broken mainspring until better manufacturing processes rendered it obsolete or did it have some other benefit? Thanks for your time. Shane
  8. Thanks, that gives me something to look into.
  9. looking through my spares, in an attempt to find a barrel cover for another watch, I came across these. I didn't remove them from anything, I probably just received them in a box of miscellaneous watch parts from Ebay or the like. Does anybody have an idea about what the extra details do and what they might be from, age, excreta? Thanks. Shane
  10. No problem, I'm just happy to hear you're all set. Shane
  11. Hey jdrichard, How did you make out fixing your plate? If you run into an irreparable snag, let me know, I probably have an odd "brass" plate kicking around here. I wouldn't want to dig it out unless you had the need. Shane
  12. I have considered trying to cast one out of pewter first (should be good enough) then, after a few tries coin silver but the skill isn't in my wheelhouse "yet". I have seen what looks to be very passable results from skilled people (not for pocket watches but even if they did I couldn't afford their time). Shane
  13. The first thing I do before pulling the balance out or trying to make adjustments institute is pull the pin and see if the spring lies any better. You might just just have an incorrectly installed pin. The spring will deform if you put "English" on it when inserting the pin. For a tool to insert the pin with, I cut just the tip off a toothpick (not the whole tapered end) and poking a small hole in the end with my tweezers. It gives enough control to avoid undo influence on the spring. Your spring, on the other hand, has problems. I believe this is covered in the videos listed above b
  14. JersyMo, Sorry for the delay in responding, I wasn't at work yesterday. If I remember correctly the ID of the case measured 30.25mm not counting the undercut. I didn't received the crystal with that watch but would think it's a high dome crystal (the second hand shaft is quite long). How much would you be willing to part with the crystal, dial and sweep hand? The 1971 Sprite is at least up and running rust free, though not fully assembled (whilst disassembling it) I accidentally threw one half of the rusty cannon pinion assembly into the mist. A snap of the tweezers and it wa
  15. JersyMo, Thank you for getting back to me, as well as, for the picture. The parts you seem to be suggesting look as if they are for a 1974. I do have a 26850-02774 also (not sure what the "s or 5" in your catalog signifies) but putting my 74 (on right) and 75 (on left) next to each other, the 74 has a thicker case, not sure about what the differences with the crystals could be, the crystal pictured on the left is borrowed. I do see your crystal envelope is identified with a #17 and the 1975 has different part numbers, perhaps the information I found earlier was faulty. P
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