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  1. My "thanks" to everyone that contributed to the question. Here is a picture of the test results that I obtained on my 1500 timegrapher. I hope it's clear enough, I took the picture with my ipad.
  2. Some good points there, which, I have to admit, I never gave a though to. Thanks, Jon.
  3. I have a model 1500 timegrapher and with 99% of watches that I have used it with, the beat error reading works ok. I centred the balance jewel between the banking pins with the pallet removed from the watch and checked it umpteen times. Being a pocket watch, I don't time face up/down etc, because it's used in a verticle position. What I do, is to make sure that the watch keeps working when it is twisted and turned, this way and that, so I know that nothing is going to Make it stop. As I have said, the watch does keep "excellent time."
  4. I have a Unitas 235 pocket watch that needed the balance pivot replaced to get it working again. After doing so, it keeps excellent time, but the beat error shows as 9.9ms on the timegrapher. The rate shows +1 sec (Most of the time) and the amplitude shows 216 degrees. Whilst it was in pieces, with the balance in place and the pallet removed, I very carefully made sure that the balance jewel was perfectly between the banking pins when at rest. I checked it umpteen times, just to be sure. So, the question is, why does the beat error show such a high (Unchangeable) reading, and the watch keeps such good time? I have seen the same thing with a known good Valjoux 72 movement.................9.9ms!
  5. To date, what is the most difficult and frustrating watch movement that you have had to reassemble? Personally, my choice (So far) would be the Harley Ronda 726 chronograph. After stripping, cleaning, and reassembly, I discovered that the circuit was faulty and was in need of replacement. Luckily, I found one in Los Angeles USA. The circuit is buried deep inside, so a couple of layers have to be removed in order to get at it. Lining everything up, after, is where the nightmare begins. Honestly, what a totally frustrating experience and how these things are ever designed and made in the first instance, is way beyond me! A beautiful watch, though, and the rewards after competion make the effort well worth it. Well, over to you, what is your nightmare?
  6. I've just ordered this from ebay, but not quite sure how to use it. Balance staff roller remover jewelled lever tool repair replace watch tool Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi, dmc12, In the end, it was decided to go no further with the watch and I believe that (Due to heavy rusting) the owner disposed of it. Good luck, if you are trying to access one.
  8. Just to add my poundsworth and appreciation:- Rogart63 also sent me some watch parts a couple of years back and, like others' on here that have found out, Rogart63's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity, resurrected (In my case) an old watch from oblivion. He is, without doubt, a Gentleman. (Yes, I did "thank him." )
  9. I don't know the make of the watch, but I do know that it will test your patience when it comes to putting it back together again! Anyway, I hope you find the answer that you seek...........good luck.
  10. My "thanks" to each of you that have offered a solution, I really do appreciate it.
  11. Hello, everyone! A watch that I have been working on, needs a third wheel bridge jewel. It's a very old watch, so I guess there is going to be problem with finding something suitable. Anyway, if you can offer a suggestion or two, I'd be very happy to listen. Picture below. Thanks.
  12. Hello, everyone. I've read quite a bit about 'Nano Oil.' Has anyone tried 'Nano Oil' for lubricating a watch? Or, has anyone got any views?
  13. My pleasure, you are very welcome..........be patient..........you will need to be. Regards, Len.
  14. Oh dear, such a shame. I was hoping that the new battery would have got your 1342 working. As for getting another stepper motor, the only thing I can say is to watch what is on offer on the web. If you are lucky enough, the seller would want a fortune for it. You have to be very careful, because some sellers know that their stepper has gone and they word their ad' very carefully so as to make it sound like you will be getting something for nothing................you won't! There is tissot watch that uses the same movement, but owners of that will be well aware of the spares situation and take financial advantage of it. Put your 1342 in a plastic bag, wrap it up and wait (Patiently) to see what you can find. By the way, the date on the watch should not be half way through changing at the time shown. The hands are not aligned properly, because the hour hand would not be where it is at 12 minutes past the hour. If I could help you, I really would. (I have been caught out in the past) Len.
  15. Hello, Harmines, In the past, I have purchased several of the Omega 1342/3/5's and, from bitter experience, I can tell you that a major problem that occurs, is that the 'stepper motor' develops a fault. Commonly, open circuit. Broken bearing. Or, and I never did get to the bottom of this one................an ocillating (Back and forth) rotor. In any event, the motor would need to be replaced and they are not available. After waiting for nearly two years, I recently managed to get one from what was left of an Omega 1343. I have found that the circuit board is very reliable and the biggest problem associated there, is when the battery terminal has been broken off and someone tries to resolder it back in place. During which process, the chip (IC) gets destroyed due to excessive heat. In passing, I would mention that the 329 battery also requires an adapter ring fitted to it, in order to take up the extra space that the origional 338 would need. These, too, can be a little difficult to find and, for what they are, are over priced! Anyway, who knows, a battery change (You can test it without the adapter ring) may get your 1342 back into action. I certainly hope so........fingers crossed...............and good luck. Len.
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