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  1. Just to add my poundsworth and appreciation:- Rogart63 also sent me some watch parts a couple of years back and, like others' on here that have found out, Rogart63's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity, resurrected (In my case) an old watch from oblivion. He is, without doubt, a Gentleman. (Yes, I did "thank him." )
  2. I don't know the make of the watch, but I do know that it will test your patience when it comes to putting it back together again! Anyway, I hope you find the answer that you seek...........good luck.
  3. My "thanks" to each of you that have offered a solution, I really do appreciate it.
  4. Hello, everyone! A watch that I have been working on, needs a third wheel bridge jewel. It's a very old watch, so I guess there is going to be problem with finding something suitable. Anyway, if you can offer a suggestion or two, I'd be very happy to listen. Picture below. Thanks.
  5. Hello, everyone. I've read quite a bit about 'Nano Oil.' Has anyone tried 'Nano Oil' for lubricating a watch? Or, has anyone got any views?
  6. My pleasure, you are very welcome..........be patient..........you will need to be. Regards, Len.
  7. Oh dear, such a shame. I was hoping that the new battery would have got your 1342 working. As for getting another stepper motor, the only thing I can say is to watch what is on offer on the web. If you are lucky enough, the seller would want a fortune for it. You have to be very careful, because some sellers know that their stepper has gone and they word their ad' very carefully so as to make it sound like you will be getting something for nothing................you won't! There is tissot watch that uses the same movement, but owners of that will be well aware of the spares situation and take financial advantage of it. Put your 1342 in a plastic bag, wrap it up and wait (Patiently) to see what you can find. By the way, the date on the watch should not be half way through changing at the time shown. The hands are not aligned properly, because the hour hand would not be where it is at 12 minutes past the hour. If I could help you, I really would. (I have been caught out in the past) Len.
  8. Hello, Harmines, In the past, I have purchased several of the Omega 1342/3/5's and, from bitter experience, I can tell you that a major problem that occurs, is that the 'stepper motor' develops a fault. Commonly, open circuit. Broken bearing. Or, and I never did get to the bottom of this one................an ocillating (Back and forth) rotor. In any event, the motor would need to be replaced and they are not available. After waiting for nearly two years, I recently managed to get one from what was left of an Omega 1343. I have found that the circuit board is very reliable and the biggest problem associated there, is when the battery terminal has been broken off and someone tries to resolder it back in place. During which process, the chip (IC) gets destroyed due to excessive heat. In passing, I would mention that the 329 battery also requires an adapter ring fitted to it, in order to take up the extra space that the origional 338 would need. These, too, can be a little difficult to find and, for what they are, are over priced! Anyway, who knows, a battery change (You can test it without the adapter ring) may get your 1342 back into action. I certainly hope so........fingers crossed...............and good luck. Len.
  9. For the 'Chat about anything here' pages, I have something for you to think about and it has absolutely nothing to do with time-pieces. Take two equal amounts of water, the amount not being in any way important. For example, let's say "one pint." Now, one pint is at fresh boiling point and the other pint is at cold (Tap) temperature. (Exact temperatures of each, totally unimportant) Pour the two amounts into any container. Right, what I would like to know is this:- Does the boling water become cooler, or does the cold water become warmer? Not a trick question and not a joke. I would be very interested to see what anyone has to say and why. Thanks.
  10. That looks good. I don't know of anything like it here in the UK, but I do know of a few really good pie 'n' mash shops.....................yummy!
  11. Whenever I go away, I always take my Sekonda (£19.95) quartz watch with me and nothing else. I don't want to lose it but, if for any reason it does go missing, I would rather it be that watch than one of my other expensive alternatives. Mind you, it's getting that there is a high risk of 'losing' your watch here in the UK, now that law and order on the streets has all but disappeared. I'm going out, later on. Now.....................where's that Sekonda of mine!?
  12. Thanksfor your suggestions. I do have some of Cousins 'Shepherds hook' springs, but they are too short. As obtaining a spring wire suitable for the watch is proving to be quite difficult, the guitar string idea seems to be the way to go with this. Incidentally, at 0.1mm thick, maybe that is the reason for this click spring breaking in the first place. Anyway, "thank you," both.
  13. I need a click spring for a Unitas 235 pocket watch. Nobody (That I have tried) has been able to heip and, in order to make one, the spring has to be about 0.1 mm thick and no more, because it passes under the winding wheel. The click springs that I have are too short to re shape. Any ideas where............? Thanks.
  14. A few months ago I spotted what I considered to be, a rather nice looking chronograph watch for sale. On the dial, the name was, Ravisa. Inside, the movement was a Harley Ronda 726. I bought it as non working and soon got busy, stripping it down. There was no strap fitted, but that didn't matter for now............one thing at a time. This watch incorporates two coils and, when checked, one of them proved to be open circuit. With the use of a stereo microscope, I was able to see the breaks. Yes, breaks.............both of them! Somehow, both ends had both become disconnected. Using my soldering iron, I was able to pick up the ends and successfully reconnect them........which my ohm-meter confirmed. After that, it was cleaned and reassemble/oiled. Once done, the battery was fitted and let's see what we have. Unfortunately, the chronograph section didn't work, but the watch did. At first, this wasn't apparent because the coil pulses for the watch section are spaced about ten seconds apart. After thinking carefully, I could only think of one thing being responsible for the chronograph section not working...............the circuit. Now, for some curious reason, I never checked the circuit when the watch was stripped and I had the chance to. Whenever I strip a quartz watch down, I always check the circuit to make sure that it is working. Why, then, didn't I do so with this one? (Murphy's law!) Well, it's my own fault and now I had to strip it down again to get at the circuit which, in this watch, is buried a few layers down and takes quite a bit of getting at. I got the circuit out and checked it for pulses. Yes, one section was 'pulsing' (The watch section) but the chronograph section was emitting nothing, apart from a high pitched whine. Damn! After a long search, I found a firm in San Francisco ( S.T. Supply) that had the the circuit and got busy ordering it. It took about three weeks to arrive and, once it did, I eagerly fitted it to the watch. It's a tricky business assembling this watch, but it got done. Right, I fitted the battery again and this time the chronograph section sprang to life................success! Everything was working, so I left it to 'soak test' for a while. A couple of days passed by and the watch was working fine. I saw a really nice, shiny S/S bracelet with black ceramic sections and immediately thought how nice that would compliment the black bezel on the watch. The only problem was that the watch measured 19mm across the lugs and the strap was 20mm across. I couldn't find the same bracelet with 19mm and I just had to have that bracelet. A long story cut short, I very carefully altered the watch case and the bracelet and, voila, job done. With its new glass and shiny bracelet, the watch looks absolutely smashing. I just love this watch and I intend to keep it. I wear it daily now, while giving my mid 1960's Valjoux 72 a well earned rest.
  15. "Thank you," all for your suggestions, I'll have a look through Cousins catalogue. Len.
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