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  1. GleaveandCoLuke

    555.415 interchangeable?

    Here is a better guide I made.
  2. GleaveandCoLuke

    555.415 interchangeable?

    Follow these steps... Does it have a second hand... Yes = 3 H = 3 Hands, No = 2H = 2 Hands Where is the date... At 3 O'clock = 3D, at 6 O'clock = 6D Remove the old hour wheel and measure the height with a vernier gauge, if it is between 1.02 and 1.10 then it is normal Height. Otherwise you will need a high or low version. 75% of the time you will have the most popular version which it 955.412, 3H, 3D (Normal height, not HT0 or HT3) So that is 955.412, 3 Hands with the Date at 3. Suppliers all round the world will stock this version. Simples :-)
  3. GleaveandCoLuke

    555.415 interchangeable?

    The correct replacement for this is not 255.112. This is the wrong diameter and thickness. 555.415 = 955.412, 955.412 is the same movement essentially just a few updates over many years.
  4. GleaveandCoLuke

    A spring bar or NOT a spring bar? (OASIS B270)

    They should still be spring bars, just a different type without a shoulder. They are usually used when there are drilled lugs like this, but always be very careful before cutting out. Old watches, often gold cases have fixed bars but they are usually obvious. Very rare to find fixed bars on something modern like this with a relatively modern quartz movement.
  5. GleaveandCoLuke

    A spring bar or NOT a spring bar? (OASIS B270)

    From experience I would say that this is 99% a non-telescopic spring bar. See this picture. http://blog.esslinger.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/single-shoulder-spring-bar.png Usually they are used in watches with holes drilled right through so they can be removed by pushing a pin in from the outside. However some watchmakers like them as once they are in, they won't come out... unless they are ripped or cut out. So the solution is to cut them out and replace with a normal spring bar. I would say I have to cut these bars out for maybe 1 in every 50 straps I change, so the issue does come up. However you need to be sure. Fixed bars would be very unusual on a watch of this style and age. Does the bar twist? If so then likely spring bar. But cut at your own risk as cutting bars on a case with fixed bars will screw up the case.
  6. GleaveandCoLuke

    Unita 235 click spring?

    Hi, I have had a good look and found one of these in our stock. £3 plus vat. 0207 253 1345
  7. GleaveandCoLuke

    Help identifying movement

    The symbol in a circle on the front of the movement is for Lanco = Langendorf, So it's a Lanco 1078A I think, not very popular.
  8. GleaveandCoLuke

    ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    The twisted stem for ETA 2824 ( not ETA 2824-2 ) is obsolete and very hard to find. We sold out many years ago. A simple and cheap solution is to change the stem, winding pinion and clutch wheel, all to the 2824-2 parts.
  9. GleaveandCoLuke

    7753 2575 Date Jumper Spring

    http://gleave.london/date-jumper-spring-eta-7753-2575/ Have added it to our site. In stock.
  10. GleaveandCoLuke

    Seiko 6532-5030 glass

    Hi, we have this glass in stock at Gleave and Co. London if you have not had luck elsewhere. Cheers, Luke.
  11. GleaveandCoLuke

    Obtaining a new movement

    FE 6220 is a 2 Hand version. FE 6230 is the 3 Hands version. Obsolete and quite old technology so best to replace with Miyota 2035.
  12. GleaveandCoLuke

    Obtaining an Omega (or equiv.) square crystal

    We are listed on the suppliers section of this site. From there best to phone.
  13. GleaveandCoLuke

    Obtaining an Omega (or equiv.) square crystal

    Only replying as this is a very rare part and will be near impossible to find elsewhere. We have the Omega part, VP2075, measures 258.5mm square, curved along the edges, omega symbol in the middle. £30 + post and vat.
  14. I identify movements all day long. It's a Miyota 1L12, Date at 3.
  15. GleaveandCoLuke

    as 1900 setting wheel

    I see now. You have the winding pinion and setting wheel round the wrong way.