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  1. Good demo. However by making a screw driver- cutting & grinding, would you end up with a magnetized one. Unfortunately, I had the same experience before.
  2. The smaller cog wheel has a left hand thread. Turn clockwise to unscrew it
  3. I must admit the fakers nowadays are much better. I recall some eight years ago my long term friend saw me wearing the Rolex datejust. To my surprise, he suddenly showed me a fake one and offered it to me for FREE. I gratefully thanked him but refused to accept. However I did examined the watch closely and was,n,t impressed by its weight. The craftsmanship.then was way off comparing to the one I noticed in this forum.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I even thought of using kneading rubber just to pick up dust from movement. It,s high time I think of getting proper tools doing the right job. I tend to be innovative often- being a retired architect by profession.
  5. Has anyone used Blue Tag instead of Rodico . I might be silly to ask - as an amateur.
  6. Has anyone got user manual of CASIOTRON 79CS-51. I bought the watch some 30 years ago. It,s named Casio Universal calender.
  7. Since you,'ve removed the balance wheel, I would try removing the pallet fork and see if the gear train runs smoothly eliminating the possibility of sticky gear train.
  8. That,s the best book I,ve ever read( best for watch enthusiasts). It used to be available for loan in Waverley Public Library. Unfortunately, due to technological advancement, the book is now unavailable. Like smart watches take over mechanical ones - over times.
  9. How about using high tech stuff like superglue. Some super- glue has 9 seconds timeframe
  10. The collet has a horizontal slot retaining the hairspring. Is it held on by glue or press fit.
  11. I often wonder what that wheel,s for. (the one near the jewel marking). I have a watch having the same wheel setup . When I turn it , it does,nt do anything.
  12. I removed the hair spring n stud because the spring was tangled up by accident.
  13. The beat adjuster stud was out together with hairspring. That,s the reason for asking a way to move the collet for in beat alignment. Thank you for the feedback.
  14. Is there a special tool to turn the collet which has a tapered shape without a slot. I also believe the hair spring is held on by glue.
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