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  1. Hello! I have be working on a Gruen 510S that had a bad balance spring, so I got a replacement and put it together this morning, and it took off and is running strong, so I put the dial back on and put hands on. However, the sub-second hand won't stick now. I removed it by very gently prying it up, and it will turn, but it falls off. Are these likely to stretch? I accidentally lost it as a result, fell on the floor when I was putting it back in the case before I realized it could flop off, so hopefully eBay has someone selling one. Are they generally the same size from one movement to the next?
  2. I actually meant their inability to prevent from from typing nonsense, but they’re not the most steady. Even under normal circumstances my hands shake noticeably, they actually had me get an mri when I was in high school because of it. They’re not as bad as they used to be, but it took a lot of time to learn to draw nice straight lines (I draw comics in my spare time, well, I ink comics, I usually work with a penciller). This will be much the same. As long as I stick with it and don’t give up I’ll figure it out. I was super excited when I managed to get one working again. Now I just have to figure out how to do that reliably.
  3. Yeah, that’s it, sorry my terminology comes from books published in the 60s, YouTube, is then half remembered and half understood before being garbled by my brain on the way out. My fingers offer little resistance to my errors too, I don’t trust them lol
  4. It is, but the beat error wasn’t 0.2MS, it was averaging 1.3MS (iirc, just looked and already forgot lol ). when I popped the case back off I found that the balance spring must have been going, it was moved all over to one side, and after running a few cycles it actually broke while I was watching it. I’ve got 35 junk 15 and 17J movements to practice doing cleanings, tearing down, lubing and reassembling. Which is what I’ve been doing the past week. I’ve done 5 so far so I’m not rushing. I keep having problems getting the pallet fork and balance spring back together right so I’m figuring that out now. So far I’ve managed to get everything else put back right, but I’ve taken extensive photos and videos of each step so I don’t miss anything, lol. I’ll probably still end up sending that Gruen in though, I don’t think I’ll want to wait 6-12 months before being able to wear it working lol.
  5. This one just showed up (actually had two watches I’ve been waiting a month on, from different sources, show up on the same day!) so it’s getting my wrist. A little too classy with the nice alligator and leather lined strap for wearing with a hoodie and jeans, I’ll have to change before I go out lol! I love this watch though, the gold is in really good shape for the most part and the dial is immaculate. Just serviced, too. Hard to beat for 150 bucks! I haven’t had the chance to figure out how to set the alarm yet but I’m looking forward to hearing it. (no, my wrist isn’t trying to eat that strap, I must have held it at an awkward angle or something it’s actually too loose right now!)
  6. It wasn’t very expensive, not in the grand scheme of things anyway. I paid 215 for it, and it’s running good. Someone’s selling a similar Clebar with a bit more patina that I wanna grab next, though I really want a seamaster, and every other watch I buy just delays that. when I got it I they sent a few extra straps, I’m not a NATO fan so I didn’t own any, but it came with this blue and red one that works perfect with my cubs hoodie and cap, and matches the red in the dial. last night I won a lot of 35 various Swiss movements that are supposedly all together. They’re my practice! This morning was my first ever tear down, a broken Vostok I’ve had for many years now. Turned out the balance spring was broken. Now I’ll try putting it back together. It doesn’t have to work so there’s no pressure lol.
  7. Good morning! so I got a Gruen Precision with a 510 movement, the simplest with the sub second dial, my James Bond watch, lol. Well, it was running good the first couple days, seemed to be less than a minute off after two days, so I was pretty happy, and the movement looks really clean so I thought I might get away without having it serviced right away. then it stopped. I found that If I bumped it again it might run for a few seconds before stopping again. So this morning I had a little time so I broke it open and popped the movement out. I played with the balance wheel a bit, turning it a little and letting it go. It would run for a few seconds and stop again. I did this a few times then it started running 30 seconds at a time, a few more times and it has kept going an hour now. I timed it and this is the output, dial down. I didn’t try any other positions. It never would give a rate, which seemed weird, I haven’t had this happen before. The error would hang right around 0-0.2ms for long periods before jumping up to 4.3ms and back down. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Does this look like a case of just needing some oil or something is probably broke sort of thing?
  8. My new Princeton chrono w/ Landeron 149 movement, my first vintage chronograph. Working great but the movement isn’t secured well making it hard to set.
  9. I was wondering what kind of gloves you guys wear when working? The ones I see in pics and videos look like regular plain white cotton gloves, is that right? I was looking for a microfiber glove that wouldn’t leave any fibers behind, but I couldn’t find any for any reasonable price. Is there anything wrong with nitrile besides not breathing at all? I use those all the time at work, and I think they’d work fine, unless I’m missing some aspect.
  10. Good evening everyone! I’ve been collecting mechanical watches since I was 16, saved up my money from pulling weeds on the cranberry marsh to buy my first watch, a nice Citizen day/date. I had it for years before I put it in the cup holder at a movie (the band kept clicking on the plastic) and I got up at the end of the movie, walked out, realized i forgot it, walked back in and it had already been nabbed. After the Passion of the Christ no less lmao! I then moved onto collecting vintage Soviet watches for a while, but relatively passively. I’ve started collecting more seriously now, I’ve now got a Vostok time only that doesn’t run anymore, a Rolex with a broken windstem, a nice looking Gruen Precision 510S that will run for a few seconds and then stop (it ran the first few days I had it though), a 60s Princeton chronograph with a Landeron 149 movement, a Citizen Alarm, a Camy time only and a Delmark something or other, the Princeton is my favorite though, despite knowing nothing about the brand, all I know is it was owned by Temlex Trading which maybe just imported watches under random brands? No idea. Besides the broken Vostok I don’t think I have any of my old soviet watches anymore, probably lost in a box somewhere around here. Right now I really wanna add a vintage Omega seamaster and/or a Girard-Perregaux gyromatic to the collection and l’ll be happy for a whlle. i bought a few books on watch repair that I’m going through now, but they seem like they were written in the 40s, talking about drying parts after cleaning them by tossing in sawdust (that can’t still be common practice right?), I’d like to be able to a basic service on my watches. I’ll leave the Rolex alone but the less valuable watches I’d like to be able to strip down, clean and reassemble, maybe make some minor repairs as needed. To that end I bought a tool kit and oil from amazon, though I’m sure they’re not good tools I was hoping they’d be capable for the occasional work I’d do, and upgrade them as I go. Hopefully that’s not a terrible idea? I’d hate to spend big money on top notch tools, spend 3 months working at it and decide that I’m better off just paying the couple hundred bucks for an occasional service. I plan to start by tearing down my broken Vostok, see if I can fix it in the process and if not, I’ll learn in the process and not be out anything. if anyone can recommend any books, or has any advice, I’m all ears!
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