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  1. This R25 arrived today and I was hoping that someone well--versed in LIP watches might be able to help me determine its age. It lacks the dust cover inside and has no model name on the dial. It's one of the large R25's, being 38.5mm across. I appreciate any information at all! Thanks!
  2. CaptCalvin was correct, it was the tiny sliver of silver. As the crown turned, I was able to move it out of the teeth and let down the mainspring. From what I understand, it was made after the Societe des Garde-Temps took over the Waltham brand (among others). Needless to say, quality decreased, as did demand for these watches. To be fair though, it's keeping time very well now and it looks nice.
  3. It's an SGT 110 E4 movement, I think from the 70's. I've never sen a click like this before. Please ignore the hunk of what might possibly be cheese on the ratchet wheel and thank you for the advice!
  4. Can't tell you how sorry I am for you. They really do become close friends and a large part of your life. Hang in there man.
  5. I picked the up the 1945 Bulova Cadet as a non-worker on eBay, then I received a parts lot that had a Westfield case and dial. Of course, I had to get a 1940 Westfield Trojan cousin movement for it. Unfortunately, I didn't notice til this morning that the replacement Westfield had a curved dial whereas my case had a flat dial and it doesn't fit. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy more watches.
  6. I just took a closer look at the balance jewel cap and one of the two screws holding it in is missing. The cap is sitting a bit higher than flush with the cock so maybe the end shake is off.
  7. Update: I reshaped the hairspring just a bit and it's no longer touching the underside, however it still stops working when turned over so you and Nickelsilver probably right about it being a pivot or jewel. When I turn the watch over, I hear "tick tick tick tick scratch scratch clink" and it has stopped. Do you think that indicates a broken balance pivot?
  8. I removed the balance as you described and the pivots looked really good on both ends. The jewels also looked good. Put back together and it still did the same thing. Then I noticed the hairspring is touching the underside of the balance bridge when the watch is turned onto it's back, preventing it from swinging freely. Oh well, there's time to think on it.
  9. I've only had minimal experience taking balance assemblies in and out of wristwatches so I'm not sure I'm capable of this repair. Is removing the balance cock to check the pivot on this Elgin more or less similar to the procedure on a wristwatch?
  10. I had time to kill before an appointment today so I popped into a local thrift store and asked if they had any watches, The lady rummaged under the counter and brought out a box of random quartzs and, under a bunch of Genevas and "Frozen" watches, I saw this: Made in 1911, grade 336, 18s, 17 jewels... I said, "Yes, I think I'll have this one, please". It will run nicely sitting on its crystal but the balance wheel catches on the underside of the balance cock when turned on its back. There seems to be a substantial bend in the hairspring that may be the cause. I think I'll hold on to this one for a while.
  11. Hello everyone, this Bulova 11 ACAC arrived in a parts lot I ordered and I was hoping someone might be able to advise. I've never worked on an automatic before. It looks like it's missing its third wheel and I can't figure out where the parts outlined in red are meant to go. Also, any advice or resources that might help me reassemble this watch would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Picked up this Delbana 17 jewel Incabloc recently for next to nothing. That's not a good sign... Well, there's your problem... A donor mainspring and a good bath and now it's keeping good time and awaiting a new crystal and bands. I may have to do some research here on restoring hands as the luminous paint is long gone from these and the second hand was originally bright red.
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