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  1. Thanks all for your replies. watchweasol - yes, i've been onto lorus/seiko, and even got a reply which was that they do not make or sell replacement straps for that watch. Bit annoying to be honest when the watch is actually really good for what it is. I will look into those other straps tho - thanks everyone.
  2. Hi, I've got this Lorus digital watch whose strap broke a year or so ago. On the plus side, that caused me to get into mechanical watches, and indeed fixing them. But I still like this watch, and would like to be able to wear it. But here's the problem: i can't find a watch strap that I can fit onto it! It doesn't use a spring bar, just has a steel rod that passes through a lug on the strap, then the case, then the strap again (see pics). But I can't find any kind of replacement - nothing that fits in the same way. Lorus doesn't do a replacement strap - i've emailed them and their p
  3. Just saw Nucejoe's comment above - must have come in while I was typing. so that's a yes then I guess to getting a bunch of stuff and seeing if anything works.
  4. Given what Marc and Klassiker have said, I think my hunch that the balance jewel and cap jewel are both missing is right. Apart from being able to see the end of the balance staff, the little notch in the metal at about 2 o'clock from the end of the staff must surely be where you insert the securing ends of the spring. Clearly, if the movement could be identified, finding the right parts, or knowing they can't be found, would be very much easier. But if I couldn't identify it, then I suppose there's not much I could do other than try a few random solutions, like getting a mixed bag of sho
  5. Thanks for your reply saswatch88. So maybe it's just not a thing i'll be doing. I would say tho, with this particular watch, it looks to me like i can see the top of the balance staff sticking out - shouldn't there be a jewel in that place with cap stone and spring too? Maybe all the seller meant was that the balance moved, which it would do even without the jewel, or the the hairspring was ok.
  6. Hi, I've just started with watches, having fixed a poljot 2614.2h movement - my first , and I was so pleased it worked. So I look on ebay for spares/repairs to fix up, something cheap that will give me sense of satisfaction I suppose. Often, I find watches that show the movement in the case, but the balance jewel is missing. For example, I found one today while idly doing nothing, a watch I really like the look of but again, the balance jewel can be seen to not be there. I can't see any other marks on the movement to give me a clue as to what it is and therefore what I woul
  7. Hi, I recently fixed a watch for the first time, a sekonda with a 2614.2h movement. Found it fascinating and so have been looking for other watches to fix up and found this forum for advice. Great to be here!
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