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  1. Hi all, new to this forum, although been peeking in for ages... I am in need of a couple of parts for one of my watches, it isn't valuable, but is sentimental.. I need the battery isolator and the gold coloured battery terminal. I have the part numbers and emailed Ronda days ago, but have yet to get any response.. I could just replace the movement, but I want to complete an actual repair. Can anyone on here advise me on getting these parts, a well known auction site sells the movements, but seems bereft of individual parts. Now as I said, first repair, am I overexpecting in hoping small parts like this being available to Joe Public? Thanks in advance.. JAWAPOWER..
  2. Hi folks, have over 120 watches, no Rolex or similar, but some nice functional ones in mixed styles.. Changed batteries in most, adjusted links in all bracelet styled... But have made some schoolboy errors with batteries, like accidently binning (well it must have been stuck to bottom of battery) an insulator!!! I'll come back to that in a post... Would like to do more, most quartz I own are miyota, ronda, epson etc so are not high end, but would like to do some servicing/part replacement where broken, coils etc.. Thanks for reading. Speedway!
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