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  1. Another 'job lot' here, coming soon. Bought primarily for the Timex M84 Electric... Never seen one with so little written on the stainless back, or with a knurled battery hatch before...? The Avia might be interesting as well........
  2. As the trimmer on this is a tiny low value variable capacitance it is probable that some contaminant has bridged between the two capacitor plates, at an edge, and dramatically changed the value of the trimmer, preventing the quartz oscillator from running. Turning the trimmer would break any bridging at the edge. 'All' you need now is to reset the trimmer for accurate time keeping , fortunately something I can now do on these, since I realised that if I set the gate time on my Seiko QT-99 Quartztester to 120seconds it reads these and allows you to adjust them accurately. My M58 jump minute watch now runs to +0.5 secs/day
  3. So sorry to hear this, I understand your pain, though 23 years is a very good age for a cat. We've had a succession of cats over the last 50 years and always painful when they go, they are part of the family.. Our current 'moggie' is a rescue that we have had for just over two years, she was found abandoned, as a kitten in woodland, locked in a pet carrier, suitably sized for a Guinea pig! Don't know how long she had been there but was in a very sorry state. She was not well enough, for over two months, for us to take her home, from the Veterinary hospital where she had been taken by the dog walker that found her. Looking much better now I had the chilling thought the other day that as I'm now 72, this one might well live longer than me!
  4. fantastic offer Mo, can you get me an idea of the shipping cost? P.M me with details and we can discuss it. John...
  5. Cheers Mo, . I've still got one other spare Mickey Mouse dial and hands ........... And yes you are correct, these watches are addictive! . Apart from the ever increasing collection of M40 derivatives, I now have one M67, one M84 and three M87's (sadly one needing a batter hatch, as every time I get a non working spare to steal one from, it turns out to be too good to scrap and gets fixed and joins the collection.....)
  6. Well the M56 is well within the '70's Mo, mine being , according to the dial markings, 1978.... To keep on the Timex Electric theme, I got these two M69 ladies watches, including the original box, as part of a 'spares/repair' job lot, both only needed a new battery to get them going again Again 1978.... And this 'resurrection', built up from a new, old stock M40 movement and dial /hands assembly, with almost the right case from my every growing stock of spare Timex electric bits
  7. Well for what you can see of the movement that isn't covered by the plastic cover, then yes it appears to be the same, though It looks like the M56 might be smaller.... Dial print here....
  8. Interestingly the dial code on my jump minute hand, small Q, watch says it is a M56 movement. I see conflicting information on the internet with pictures of identical movements labled M43 and M56. As the dial code on mine says M56 I'm inclined to believe that....
  9. The black dial one came from Bulgaria and has a German date wheel. It cost me the astronomical price of £3.50, with a further shipping cost of £5, so that's about $11 total. Must admit I do like it as well. The jump minute hand one had me (and I suspect the seller) as it showed no sign of life, mechanically or electrically with a new battery, then I realised that the minute hand had moved. These early Timex quartz, rather 'agricultural' watches are a million miles away from the early Seiko quartz movements which are absolute masterpieces, almost like artwork, which is why, I suppose, they cost the equivalent of about US$1000 at the time . This is type of movement in my earliest one (Aug 1972). A very expensive watch at the time....
  10. Very nice, and to get the original bracelet with it a major bonus. Not, as you say, a M63, but an M73 movement (capacitor trim, unlike the M63 which has a potentiometer trim...), I'm still looking for one of the quartz regulated hybrids to add to my collection, my current collection of 'fixed and running' hybrids, And the early 'conventional' quartz collection, though the one on the left is a M56 jump minute hand one...... The vast majority of cheap 'fixable' early Timex electric/electronic watches are in the US and eBay's 'glorious' global shipping program makes the cost unrealistic for me in the UK, though I did pick up a job lot of 8 watches the other week and Global shipping 'only' just doubled the cost ........ single watches would cost two or three times the initial purchase price, at least, to get here! I have been watching a similar watch to yours, but an M63 (note the potentiometer trimmer), but the seller thinks it's worth £25!. Considering it has no back and the movement looks totally fubar'd I offered him £5 for it which was promptly turned down....his loss.
  11. De-magnetising would be my first thing to do to address the massiive gaining......
  12. Whatever floats your boat, personally far too much 'bling' for me, $2000, seriously? It might well be 'real' from Oris, but it's a fake representation of mid 1960's watches.....I'll stick with the JD diver chrono, that I've had for the last 50 years.....
  13. The OP was asking about that particular Timex electronic calibre.....
  14. The technical sheets for 6119 A, B and C can be found HERE
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