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  1. Likewise, this is one of my favourites
  2. Well 'Fozzy' doesn't like brushes and any attempt to groom here with one usually results in some blood spilling and it isn't hers I have found that using one of these grooming mitts works really well and she (most of the time) really enjoys it and for the occasions when she is not in the mood, offers quite good protection from the claws
  3. Lovely pictures.......Our 'replacement' turned from this to this in a couple of years
  4. I had the necessity to open this Tudor Rolex Oyster for a friend to regulate it (said friend stupidly declined to get it serviced).... I used this, worked perfectly , and at about £16 for the set, was an absolute bargain! Wish it was mine.......(still needs a service but keeps better time now......)
  5. That is something else! Love to see it again after you have done the restoration....
  6. A spot of oil on each of the visible pivots on the main bridge, then 'spin it up' using a demag unit usually gets the old quartz units ticking again..... Is it THIS Ronda movement? I picked up this 'Viatronic' earlier in the year, for a very few £'s that has the Ronda 1377 movement in it....Shame about the crack in the crystal, cant find a replacement any where...
  7. Got this Camy back from service today. AS1903 movement.......
  8. Welcome from an 'aged' engineer, that has travelled the same route....(retired 15 years ago after over 40 years in engineering). Only been 'playing' with watches for about 6 years now, wish that I'd started it earlier.....
  9. While the parts are readily available for the FHF96-4 in the UK, with my similarly driven 'not running' (balance spring FUBAR'd) Camy , I found it far cheaper to buy one of the 'rebuilt' Mumbai Specials on ebay, with the same, apparently new, FHF movement and I swapped the whole balance assembly out of it. I think it cost me about £13 inc carriage. The Camy now runs great and I have an almost complete movement left as spares....
  10. I think you mean 'Stuart Semple' website.....looks amazing, be great on a dive watch
  11. Looks like a 'belt and braces' approach, how is the crown sealed to the case? One would hope that with the attention to the back seal there would at least be a seal in the crown....
  12. Simple enough turning job, though parting off finish could be improved on.........Oh to have access to a lathe again, that is the one thing I miss about retiring, my first job on leaving school was a five year apprenticeship as a scientific instrument maker, we spent the first 6 months in the apprentice school making our own tools, still have the centre finder and set square......
  13. And I thought that my Bergeon Victorinox case knife was expensive......
  14. Only the correct coil will physically fit, so that is your only option. Your best bet is to look for another 8123, 8122 or 8121, all of which use the same coil (8123 day/date, 8122 date only and 8121 no day or date). You should be able to pick up a 'tatty' but running, gold plated version quite cheaply on eBay.......
  15. You don't have to live near the watch repairer, I have all servicing jobs that are beyond my skill level done by Rich Askham, who lives a couple of hundred miles from me. Never actually met him but all dealings are done by post using Royal Mail Special Delivery service.... Here's one he did earlier for me.... and currently have this with him for a service and cannon pinion tighten......
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