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  1. Has anyone else run into part size issues with 2414As? I purchased two identical working Vostoks, both with 2414A movements. Both were in rough shape so I was going to pull the best parts from each, just to find some were not exactly the same in size and/or shape. But you wouldn’t know until you got under loupe. Just curious if anyone else had this issue.
  2. @spectre6000, you just described my wish. We have a small collection of vinyls and the player is in another room, so I'll usually working on a movement with Spotify on. The only missing component to this ideal evening is the "movement coming cleanly together." It is few and far between for me so the beer is after to calm the nerves. Guess I need to start the work with the beer open first.
  3. @JerseyMo, that is a fantastic setup! I'm looking forward to where this journey leads me. So far, I'm loving it... when I'm not breaking pieces or finding broken pieces.
  4. HA! I am finding this out quickly! eBay has been a great source for me. I have yet to tap into estate sales. I've also been watching Goodwill online. They've had some good deals, however their service is very clunky and I tend to forget about them.
  5. Thank you, everyone! A lot of good info to sift through. Again, I suffer from migraines and single loupes trigger them after a varying times of use. The microscopes are just not in my price realm, and I tend to be as @HectorLooi mentioned "hunch up with the watch right in front of my nose."
  6. That is good to know. And yes, I am thankful that I need a $5 part rather than a $100 one. One of the reasons I started on a Seiko.
  7. Have any of you tried Dental/Doctor Magnifiers? I've found I need stereo vision while working on movements. I get migraines frequently and I've found the single loupe to trigger them. I currently have a visor that just doesn't stay in place, so I was hoping someone had experience working with these.
  8. I should have know this could happen, but I went into the project with blinders. I was almost finished putting together my Seiko 7S26-02F0. I could see it on my wrist within minutes. Then I found out how plastic parts hold up over time. I picked up the Day Date Corrector Wheel and notice one of the teeth was not level with the rest. I bring it in for a closer look... a crack from top to bottom. And as I'm looking at it, the tooth falls off completely. I picked up the tooth and it crumbled in my fingers. I found the same thing happening with the other plastic parts within the watch. Is thi
  9. @Nucejoeand @eccentric59, these are great suggestions. It make sense to go with a few brands and movements at first. Thank you for the advice. As for movements, simple is better for now. The hardest part now is what brand(s) to get into. What brands are known for 6497/8 and 28** movements? I'm in the same boat as you, @spectre6000. We will get there!
  10. I know many of you are more established in watch repair, so you have the tools and a decent collection of watch parts to pull from. I've worked on a Seiko that took a number of weeks to get parts for. I started a Vostok which needed parts, but I won't be getting what I need until August. How does one maintain a more consistent work cycle? How/where does one start building up their watch parts collection to eliminate these long waiting times? I used Esslinger and CasKer in the US for parts. I've considered CousinsUK, but the shipping is usually more than the part cost. I needs to tips on ho
  11. Fantastic! Thank you, @VWatchie! I should have known the answer was right here. Stay safe everyone!
  12. I GOT MY WATCH! Yesterday, the tracking said it was still in NY. I checked the tracking today and suddenly it was in my town, out for delivery! The watch is a Vostok Komandirskie with a 2414A. Now off to find the illusive Votstok watch repair guides! I did check for the Seiko corrector wheel on Cousins. For just that wheel and shipping, it would cost $10. I might as well by another repairable Seiko for $30 and have that many more parts!
  13. I just realized I never gave an update on this. I tried a number of other methods. The only method that worked was getting a watch screw extractor on eBay. It was cheap and did the trick! I was able to remove it and proceed with the movement disassembly. However, when reassembling I noticed the Day-date corrector meeting wheel spokes didn't look symmetrical. I picked it up and a tooth breaks off! So now I'm in search for Seiko 5 7S26B parts. Outside of eBay, the sources are very scarce due to COVID-19. To add insult to injury, my next project watch (a Volstok) is stuck in NY eit
  14. Thank you to everyone. @Graziano provided a great way to remove the stripped screw. I appreciate @VWatchie link to the specific Seiko driver. I am also grateful for the attention to detail and professional guidance everyone provides. As a beginner, I want to do repairs well and properly. I am following @Mark’s 7S26 closely for this repair. I’ve found myself searching for the same watches he repairs and records in order to learn. Again, thank you, everyone.
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