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  1. That is beautiful. Congrats!
  2. I've had so many questions lately. I have never had to post one since there so much has been covered for noobs! This is just a thank you to all the veterans who offer their advice freely. Your time is appreciated.
  3. First and foremost, I'm sorry for not searching for the subject. It's been ages since I've been on any forum so I am very rusty. Lesson learned. Many thanks for all the help! These are all very doable starts. Getting a ultrasonic cleaner seems doable, but I appreciate the notes about Ronsonol and petroleum ether. The jewels have been my biggest concern so these two cleaning methods will make first cleanings a bit more palatable. Thank you, all!
  4. My son and I got a couple movements for teardown and rebuilding practice, however it is very obvious that they have not be cleaned in a while. How does a beginner clean watch parts without a machine?
  5. This is all great advice. I will definitely be researching tweezers more. I have one tweezer that came with my "beginner kit". It is flat and feels very flimsy, so these recommendation will help my next purchase. Thank you!
  6. My first question on the forum. I am a watch repair novice. Tweezers are an essential for watch repair. Many are steel or another hard metal, but there are brass ones to prevent scratching. Is there a reason to use both types? Why would you not use brass tweezers all the time?
  7. Hi everyone! I have always loved watches. This past summer, I purchased a quartz watch that needed a new crystal and some cleaning. At the same time, my son busted the crystal on his watch. Both watches needed batteries. I was dumbfounded by the quote, so I researched what it took to do it myself. After a while, my wife final said, "Just get some beginner tools and try it out. It could be a fun hobby." She doesn't know the obsession she started. My youngest son has already joined in! I look forward to getting advice about SO MANY questions I have. Thank you advance!
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