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  1. I can turn the screw both ways but it just keeps turning. I think the piece i found was the threads off of the screw. I think i will just leave it in rather than try to remove it. I will probably wind up messing it up and then i will have to find a replacement piece. Leaving it in shouldn't hurt anything. Thank you all for the help and the great material. It should make this cleaning and repair a lot easier.
  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I just tore down my 2879. I took pictures but my lighting is so bad that the pictures kinda Suck. Your 2824 is pretty close to my 2879 so these pictures will help me out a ton when i go to reassemble.
  3. The screw actually moves. It will turn left and right indefinitely. Thank you for that link. It will be very helpful. I have tried to search the internet for information on this movement. i started by typing in the 1133.50 that i on the movement which then led me to the Bulova 1133.10 and then led me to the 2879. It seems like an endless rabbit hole. Having a reference like the one you linked will help me out a Ton. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
  4. Here we go. My first tear down and repair. 1978 Caravelle 2879 movement. I think I found a problem though. Picture 3 the screw won't come out and the gear moves back and forth. I found this little piece under it. I think someone cross-threaded the screw and messed up the threads. The screw is still in it so i don't know if that gear moving is normal or if i need to repair this somehow? Are there any Movements that are close to this one that there might be a tutorial on just in case i have problems with reassembly?
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Steven Rawson. I am writing you from a warm living room here in Cold Omaha, NE. Usually in the warm months you will find me on my Motorcycle or out soaking up the sun at a lake fishing. These darn Winter months on the other hand are horribly boring. You can usually find me tinkering in the garage repairing a bike or some other Mechanical object attempting to pass the time until the next warm day when i can get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Since the Winter seems to linger on here in Nebraska i have found that i need a new Hobby to keep me busy. What better than Watches!?! I have always found them fascinating. I love the Mechanical nature of them. The tiny parts that all seem to work together so precisely. I have always been afraid to open one up though. They have always been a mystery to me until now. After watching hours of videos and doing tons of research i have finally decided to try my hand at working on them. I think i have all the tools necessary to start this journey. I am glad to have found such a great forum to help guide me in this Fine Art. Please be patient with me as i may ask some real newbie questions at first. Thank you all! Here are pictures of my first victim.... I mean...project. 1978 Caravelle Set-O-Matic that i found at a thrift store for $4. It has a 1133.50 movement in it which i believe is an ETA 2879. Seems to run well but the crown is coming unscrewed and it is difficult to set the time on. I think it is really gummed up. The Lume is coming off of the hands also which i think, after posting on your facebook page and getting advice there, i am going to re-lume. I also plan on giving it a good cleaning and oiling. The scratches in the Crystal should polish out.
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