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  1. Could it be possibly a Revue 33 GT pocket watch? If it is, is it worth finding parts for and restoring?
  2. Okay I'll just pack it away. Maybe someone on here will need a part one day, who knows.
  3. I knew someone would know. Is it worth getting parts for? where might I find parts for the Walthams I have if you might know?
  4. Can anyone help me identify this watch. it's marked swiss made. I got a bunch of pocket watch parts. I'm just curious. I also have a bag full of 1872 model waltham riverside parts that I'd like to find a body and or parts for. also an 83' grade 1 waltham I'd like to find parts for if anyone has an idea where to find them. I'd like to build one just to say I did.
  5. I will shoot you an e mail
  6. well there are some rules about selling here too, just to keep things from getting out of hand. My e mail is on my profile page send me an E mail so that you're not out anything if not send me a message our usual way and I'll send you my e mail, should be visible though. I'm really glad we met. My first balance staff removal was one from one of your parts lots. it didn't go as smoothly as I hoped but I did do it it.
  7. wow i didn't realize they were that bad about that.
  8. Hello. Thanks for joining. I am almost as new as you. You'll love the info you find here. Everyone here gave me great tips as soon as I joined and started asking questions.
  9. Well it seems to be original, but the reason I use it as a practice watch is because the estimated value based on it and it's serial number seemed to be low. Is there something I'm missing?
  10. can I ask another stupid question? What is Overbanked? I see a lot of watches for sale with that in the description.
  11. I also found a 1919 elgin 16s pocket watch not working. going to look to make sure it's complete before I start on it. Gonna wait on the Waltham since I need more experience on jewel replacement and balance staff replacement.
  12. kind of defeats the purpose of me learning how to repair doesn't it?
  13. I think I figured out why the hands move in any direction. looks like it was taken apart once before, the gear that engages the hands when the lever is pulled out was upside down (pic below). The spring was sitting on top of it and I flipped it over and pushed it down on the spring so that when the lever is out it pops up and engages the hands and lever in it's pressed in and disengaged. The movement seems to work now. Now I'm on to why it doesn't wind.
  14. Okay I think this is a cracked jewel. Should it be replaced? Not sure what it serves.
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