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  1. Well, look what I found... https://tarafinejewelry.com/14k-white-gold-girard-perregaux-ladies-estate
  2. A friend of mine has this Omega watch which belonged to her aunt. On the back of the case is the engraving, "1947-1972 Presented to <aunt's name> by <company name>." And also "14K gold." There's 2 small diamonds on the front. The watch has been in a drawer for 10 years, but winds up and appears to work fine. Any ideas what the value on this might be? I'm guessing just sentimental value, but who knows.
  3. OK, NOW I'm confused. I went back and looked at the chart, and as you said, not 087-105 for the 0850A movement. That part goes in the 0870 movement. The blowup graphic of the parts shows the 087-105 for my movement. So here's what I'm thinking...if that doesn't go to my movement, maybe I never actually lost a wheel? But it seems like there is a place on my movement for one more wheel. A total of 11 in the graphic for the side of the watch I'm working on, but I only have 10 wheels. My head hurts...
  4. RAT, it is 0850A. As mentioned in previous post, the part I need is 087-105. Elsewhere in the tech sheet, it is listed as "Minute wheel and pinion [II]" It never even occurred to me to just call Citizen. That's excellent news if they have it! That means I can stop crawling around on the floor with a flashlight, LOL.
  5. John, you have the correct tech sheet, but look on the left side of the page (blue in my attachment)
  6. LOL, I was thinking to myself yesterday, "When I sell this house and we move in xx years, I will find this wheel..."
  7. Thanks fellas. I'm pretty sure it's plastic. My wife suggested putting a sock over a vacuum hose and trying that. I keep my room really clean...I thought...until I got down with a flashlight, LOL. The only thing interesting I found so far is a staple.
  8. I'm hoping it's interchangeable like you said. Unfortunately I don't have a photo, because I'm an idiot...I lost the part. I went over the floor with my bare hands more than a few times on the weekend. So mad at myself for this. I was not prepared as I should've been when I opened the watch. This is the closest I have to a pic. I'm not even sure what color it is.
  9. I am trying to find a watch part for a Citizen Eco-Drive, movement no. 0850A. The part no is 087-105 - "Minute wheel and pinion [II]" The watch is over 20 years old and from what I'm seeing, most parts are unavailable. But I thought I'd check to see if anyone could help, as my knowledge in this field is even smaller than the part I'm looking for.
  10. Well, thanks all for the help. Unfortunately this endeavor was doomed from the get go, way out of my league. A friend of mine, who actually is a professional watch repair guy, sent me a tech sheet with the numbered steps to disassemble & reassemble the watch. You have to remove the face, hands, etc, a total of about 20 steps on both sides of the movement, before getting the capacitor out correctly. i was able to get it out, but not able t get the new one in without removing additional parts, and then I went too far, which resulted in tiny wheels lying all over the place. I spent a couple hours on it, but hit a wall. I have no idea if this is something Citizen would put back together without charging me an arm and a leg or what. Not a crisis, it's just a watch. I'm just disappointed I wasn't able to do this.
  11. Sun? What is this sun you speak of? I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  12. Thanks for the reference. I ordered the new capacitor. I have a sentimental connection to the 2 decade old watch, so it will be very rewarding to give it new life.
  13. I got it apart folks, thanks so much for the guidance.
  14. Thanks for the responses, here's some additional info.
  15. I have the watch shown in the pics, which I purchased in 1998. The capacitor has been slowing down for years and finally won't hold charge. (Pretty amazed it lasted this long). All the videos I see online about replacing an Eco-Drive capacitor look similar to a typical battery replacement, but this one's buried. After getting the back cover off, I removed 3 screws which I hoped would allow the matal cover to be removed, but it looks like there's a lot more to it. This one may be above my pay grade, but I wanted to ask, maybe there's something simple that I'm missing. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  16. Hello everyone, I found this site when looking for a place to ask a question, I'm glad I landed here. I have a few basic watches, 3 Eco-Drives and a Bulova Marine Star. I typically try to fix everything that needs fixing, whether it's something on the house, car, motorcycle, etc. I work in Info Tech. My watch expertise is limited to battery changes and band resizing.
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