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  1. I live in a place in Lanarkshire in Scotland. I shall photograph the watch and post it on the forum.
  2. Hi would like to ask advice about getting a large silver pocket watch cleaned and also repaired as it is slightly damaged as no one in my area does repairs. Would appreciate any replies thanks. Jelloman.
  3. Found a family heirloom which is a solid silver pocket watch, it's a London British l.td it's not working and where the key is attached it is bashed. Would like to have it repaired and the face to be cleaned and to hear the watch as I have never heard it working. This was my grandfathers watch during Edwardian era would it be expensive to have it repaired ? The watch is solid silver. Would appreciate any advice from others on the forum.
  4. Hi I just inherited an ascot Krippl watch, it was manufactured in 2009 and was bought ten years ago in a u.k store, although the watch is ten years old all it needed was a battery. The watch is in excellent condition, someone once remarked to me recently the watch looked like cheap crap. I inherited another Swiss watch and the similarities to the ascot is uncanny, both are stainless steel backs and waterproof. The ascot watch was bought in a Lidls store. When I was in Berlin recently I never saw any ascot watches in a Lidl store. It's a pretty robust watch and has got the manufacture date and serial number on it. They are highly collect able as they are sold on e bay which was a complete surprise. So the person I had spoken to recently binned the ascot off didn't know what she was talking about as I did my research !
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