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  1. Thank you all for your kind welcomes.
  2. do you think the vinyl housing will be ok to reuse. doesn't seem to have any glue / cement used or am I wrong there? - see pic.would one of the ebay watch pressers do an adequate job? (not the best option I know but this may be a one-off job)
  3. thanks all for your helpful contributions. I had actually gone to ebay myeslf to look and found this listing before checking back here now and found this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Domed-Mineral-Crystal-For-Parnis-Pilots-Watch/122766325172 It has a picture of the watch in a different colour scheme as the watch example (see second pic in listing) now the seller (@Vinn3 it's the watchfan that you have referenced) doesn't directly give the specs but there is an MPN number listed as 37.DFL.15 and that pretty obviously decodes as 37mm width , 15mm thickness and it's described as single domed, flat bottom. I guess that double-domed would work also? and double-domed is supposed to be stronger? I had also hand measured the width as 37mm roughly. Here is a picture of the case with the glass cleared. I did suffer a tiny cut pushing it out with a lens cloth! It appears that the housing wall is a vinyl one maybe? Interesting I contact Parnis and they wouldn't tell me the dimensions! https://parnis.org/ typical Chinese sell you or nothing thinking!
  4. thanks Jdm. I was thinking calipers and yes will probably pick up a press as suggested. will try just to break off the rest of the glass then without mangling the case. seems like not worth the hassle to try to work out the pushers as they seem to be fairly fiddly to deal with so best avoided for me.
  5. I hear it is polite to introduce yourself first so hello. I'm Irish living in Dublin. I own only a few timepieces - the most known an Omega Seamaster automatic that I bought without knowing much about watches 15 or so years ago but which I don't wear all that much anymore and may sell on. besides that I would be more into clean aesthetics than brand per se currently. Favourite watches from looks point of view would be the clean and two-tone appearance of the IWC pilots watch.
  6. thank you kindly and I will go to the introduction section and do up a short intro right now. would you have any suggestion as to how to remove the bits effectively without a press so not as to get bits stuck? also would you suggest where can I inexpensively source a new crystal? I don't know the crystal size but the width of the watch excluding crown is 46mm and the miyota movement says that its minimum a 35mm case
  7. Hello, so I have a quartz chronograph - not expensive but looked ok (first pic).the domed crystal (described as mineral glass) shattered very easily (slight knock off a door handle).I've taken out the miyota OS11 movement.the problem as I see it is that the crystal is shattered (see pic) - is it likely to come out at all with a press or will bits get stuck and if so can they be removed?also the chronograph pushers would impede the insertion of a press - how can these pushers be removed? there does not appear to be any c-clip on the pusher and also there is no thread on it for a screwdriver so I have no idea how they are to be removed (pulled with a pliers from the inside or outside the case?)or is it a lost cause/uneconomic ? thanks.
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