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  1. Definitely that would be fantastic, I live in Copenhagen.
  2. I'm pretty sure that what happened is what you said: essentially I've used a jeweller's screwdriver to pull the movement out and probably it touched the balance wheel which is exactly on the edge (but didn't know that when I was pulling it out). It was a gift and I had paid a lot more than that so I would like to get it fixed!
  3. Thanks a lot to everyone for your help, much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I'm new here and with mechanical watches. As I mentioned on my introduction I have 2 vintage watches: an Omega Seamaster from the 50s and a Baume & Mercier from the 50s as well (women's bracelet watch for my wife). I really don't know much about watches but have started reading a lot. The only thing I have allowed myself to do was really to snap the back out of the Omega really. Having done that a few times I thought of doing it on the Baume & Mercier as well which was proven a big mistake as the watch is really tiny and I shouldn't have messed with it. I've snapped the back off without using really tiny force and the whole movement came out but when it did it stopped working. I can see that when I wind it the wheels rotate but nothing else really happens and I'm really afraid of what it has happened to it. Any advice or speculation on what it might have happened is more than welcome. I will of course try to take it to a watch expert. Thank you in advance, Peter
  5. Hello I'm Peter and I live in Denmark. I own 2 vintage watches: 1 Omega Seamster from 1955 (cal 355) and one Baume & Mercier bracelet watch from the 50s as well. I love them and I want to get more engaged and buy a few more.
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