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  1. According to the manual, there doesnt look to be any sort of gearing between the screw element and the lever element (303/5). Maybe just friction.
  2. Great, I think you've answered my question then. So you can just make the gross regulation with the lever and once its within 20s or so, you can tweak using the screw?
  3. So when a watchmaker is rebuilding a watch, how do they regulate the watch if it's limited to +/-15s per day? Do they only fit the micro adjuster after they've already set using the lever?
  4. As I understand it from my research, the brass element is like a locking element that creates a slight nip in the hairspring to hold its length at a certain position.
  5. Great, thanks mate. Is the etachron key to allow loosening and tightening of the brass element? I presume if you don't want to loosen that part, you just move the lever without an etachron key?
  6. Yeah, its given me 15s per day at full extent, but my question isnt about that, its about whether I can go further than this using the lever or is the lever locked to the range of +/- 15s when the screw is in place?
  7. Yeah I might do that, but back to the original question, can the lever and screw be moved independently of each other?
  8. I think I'm right in saying though that once the screw hits the position in my photo, that's as far advanced as you can go without using the lever? If you turn the screw any further anticlockwise then it starts reversing the action?
  9. Just takes me an hour or so to drive to drop it off and another hour to go pick it up again and I'd always wanted to try regulating anyway. Guess the guy servicing it was just rushing it or something.
  10. Hi All, new joiner here and looking for a quick bit of advice. I've recently had my Omega Seamaster (15yrs old) serviced, but when I got it back, the timing wasn't the best (about -30secs per day). I'd always fancied tweaking the timing myself and after plenty of reading up I made the adjustments to the regulating screw the other day and I've brought it to around -10s/day now. I've also got a Speedmaster which could do with regulating so I may do that next. My question, more for the future, is how the regulating lever and regulating screw are connected. For example, can the lever sti
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