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  1. Thank you so much, John. I really appreciate your advice(s). To answer some of your questions: I did change a few settings - the lift angle (obviously) and also the averaging time (20 sec). I also timed my watch in 4 different positions (as could be seen from the table above) - Face Up and Down, Crown Up and Down. I will also check those links you so generously provided. Great help, sir! Thank you again.
  2. Oops ... SORRY! My bad! I hear you now, sir, but I still don't understand why my timegrapher is so inaccurate. In any case I will follow your advice, sir, and do what you said - "bring your watch to a local watchmaker and ask for a quick timegrapher check" to check how much their reading will be different from mine. Thank you for being patient with me.
  3. Thank you, jdm, but you have misunderstood the current state of things. My watch actually loses 7 seconds per day very consistently, but when I test it on a timegrapher, it shows a gain of +36 to +58 seconds per day. That makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  4. Thanks again. Please take a look at my last measurements of Seiko SRPA53K1. They show huge numbers in rate gain - from +36 to +58 seconds per day, while in real life the watch loses 7 seconds per day. It is an automatic watch (movement 4R36-05MO, caliber 880095) with a manual wind and hacking features, but I newer used a manual wind as I was wearing it 24 hours per day. And since I work at my desk most of the time, the watch is mostly rested face up, but have a look at a face up position in measurements - it shows +36 spd, which is far from -7 spd in real life. How should I interpret that?
  5. As for "the state of wind on the mainspring for each test" if you watch my video you'll notice I performed each of my tests with a caseback on a watch and therefore I assume the wind should have no influence whatsoever. It is also very quiet in my room during the test.
  6. Thank you so much for your prompt and such a detailed reply. I really appreciate that. A couple of answers to your questions - both watches are relatively new - Invicta is a 5 months old, while Seiko is virtually brand new (just a couple of weeks old). What puzzles me the most is the fact that I observe in real life that both of my watches run -5 to -7 seconds per day, while the timegrapher shows it to be plus almost a minute per day. Does that mean a timegrapher was a complete waste of money?
  7. Hi, my name is Ross. I am a rookie watch enthusiast and I am really puzzled here. Could someone explain to me what kind of a problem am I facing with my timegrapher? I do two sets of measurements with the same watch (1 day or 6 days apart) and receive vastly different results - to the point of being completely different from what I observe in real life. For example, my timegrapher shows that my watch is running fast (or ahead of time), while in real life I observe that it runs 7 seconds per day behind. I even recorded a video about it so you could see it for yourself: https://youtu.be/mhGzf6aLMlY How should I interpret that? Am I doing anything wrong? Problem_with_Timegrapher_-_Knowledge_Sharing__16.mp4
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