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  1. a normal incabloc balance cock. I need to refit the regulator and index pin
  2. Hey. Just wanna know if there's a video tutorial about how to disassemble and assemble balance cock? What kind of tools do I need? Thank you!
  3. it's 4131 3 817. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  4. Yeah will do. I just receive the item. The price is low. It only costs me $60. The movement it's real for sure, I didnt check the rest. However I dont think there's fake retro Longines. As for the case back reference number. It's 18892533. I think I will disassemble the case and deal with the bezel and the rest of the case respectively. For the brass parts I think some bushing and polishing should be OK?
  5. Lmao. The seller said it's gold plated. Anyway any idea I can get this one shiner?
  6. Hey guys. I just found this lovely Longines 817. I love the dial but the original gold plated case is a little bit oxidized (I dont know if that is the case? Anyway it does not look shine), I dont know how to gold plate a case and I certainly wont do that. Polishing the case will ruining the gold color of the case and I'm not sure it's a brass case or a steel one. Does anyone know how can I restore the case? I dont need it to be super shine and sharp. I want to keep the 'vintage' look of it but I want it to look clean without dark brown color. Thank you!
  7. Just making a guess. Although the color tend toward 9415, I dont really think any watchmaker would flood the escapewheel like that using 9415. It's grease so I dont believe anyone especially those know something about watch can do so unless he use a very big oiler with a very big drop of 9415. Doesn't sound realistic to me. Assuming it's 941, does it have the risk that the lubricant will spread overtime?
  8. yeah but it feels like that drop it way too big. Anyway If I see that big drop over there. I would clean it and start over
  9. Yeah this thing is definetly unacceptable
  10. Hey guys. I was browing a local second hand app. And I saw a watch repairer was promoting his services. I was curious and then clicking in. There's some pics showing off his technic or some sorts. And I found this. I mean this is a terrible overoil right? It looks like every teeth of the escape wheel has a lot of lubricant. I never oil the escapement like this. Do you think this is an overoil or an acceptable amount of lurbricantion?
  11. I don't know. I don't have 9020. But what I'm thinking is HP500 and something like that. Honestly I don't know much about lubricant.
  12. it's an original mainspring…… Not if someone swap it and I dont know
  13. Hi everyone. I've been fiddling with several small movement. φ15~20mm The puzzle is such I always use HP1300 to oil the second and the third wheel. Sometimes I thought HP1300 maybe too thick for those slow movements. They have lower friction and smaller pivots. I already swap 9010 to oil the third wheel. What if I use 9010 to oil the second wheel as well. Will I gain or lose performence? Thank you!
  14. that might be possible. Let me change a new one and check the performence. I dont see any significant issue with this mainspring, I dont even know how to start it. So best to change a new one
  15. Yeah it does not slip actually. Is just the bridle and the end of the spring will not cling the barrel wall and keep wind up
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