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  1. Yeah, I have allways been that ”engineer” kinda guy these things are truly amazing machines and any kind of learning related to watches intrique me on so many levels! Hope you will get the appreciation that you earn at least from these comunities if not from your family and friends ps. The pun was nice
  2. Yeah I came here just for that tips for taking care of things in more sustainable way in long run! Thank you very much for your toughts and opinions btw! Such a nice community you have here!
  3. Full guess but here probably around 50-90€ but I think they will want to change the glass straight away because of the amount of labour needed. Kinda sucks tho cuz the watch is worth like 300€ max
  4. HERE I WAS SURE I WASNT CRAZY! it was the timeteller who made a video of it and fixed some pretty impressive scratches with polywatch, so I’ll might try this as it arrives
  5. I live in Finland and my friend named one place that has these cocktailtime glasses available but yeah I’ll propably give it a go first myself. Are there some tools that you recommend/ you use yourself for the job?
  6. Yeah I’ll gather up info and search some ways to try if it all goes wrong I’ll just support my local professionals and let them put brand new one
  7. Okay thats intresting, I was hoping to uprage to sapphire and I was talking about scratches on metal parts. But I also saw a ad for something called ”scratch genie” could it do the job?
  8. Well there did go my hope luckily the scratches aren’t that noticeable in the glass I guess I will just use some cape cod polishing cloths for the damaged metal and get saphire changed to the glass when I service it?
  9. No I would try to do just a tiny coverup job, scartches are very light and it could be done without taking anything apart
  10. But will it work, what do you think? I saw someone fixing some olders seiko glasses with it (they seemed to be made out of the same stuff)
  11. I didn’t find anything better for it do you have something to recommend?
  12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I bought a bit banged up Seiko cocktail time what could I do to remove scratches from it? I ordered some polywatch after some research as it proved itself quite usefull for the glass, but I was wondering what should I order/use to use for scrathces on metal parts or what would you do? ty for any tips!
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