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  1. Are watch scratch pens any use? I’ll try a very gentle polishing cloth first. for example: https://www.bostonwatchexchange.com/Brushed-Titanium-Satin-Refinishing-Pen-for-SS-p/titpen3pack.htm https://www.watchobsession.co.uk/products/beco-technic-watch-scratch-pen-2mm
  2. Thanks. I bought one of those and waiting for it to come. I understood the CC cloth shouldn’t be used on the brushed / satin finish though?
  3. Appreciate the response. Not a great shot of the strap but it is genuine and bought it at a UK airport AD with all the necessary tags. Any thoughts on cost to remedy this scratch? I’m minded to live with it as other scratches will emerge over time.
  4. I managed to scratch the lug on my new watch when trying to change the strap. Any ideas? It is a brushed / satin lug. Picture here.
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