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  1. edit: I hear rumblings of two flat surfaces bashing together when I move my left wrist here-and-there with watch strapped on. It's like the sound of metal balls making sound with walls of a tight container they are confined into, if that makes any sense!
  2. My watch was manufactured by a micro brand, that uses Seiko's NH35 movement. The watch had a hard 4-5ft fall on marble floor and it's been losing upwards of 2-3 minutes per day ever since. Now I've the option to ship this watch back to manufacturer under warranty, but since their service center is located overseas, the nightmare of letting this watch through customs forth-and-back has made me narrow down my choices to following options, 1. Either drop this micro brand watch at an authorized Seiko service center and hope that they would be able to fix this watch 2. Or drop this watch
  3. Thanks jdm. I never thought that mere regulation would fix the problem. I thought maybe the hairspring might have gone haywire or something even worse. Is it normal for watches suffering such an impact to slow down or perhaps act wildly?
  4. I went ahead and created an account to post my question right away. But first thing last - I'm just an admirer of mechanical watches. As Frank Seuss - a watchmaker from downtown San Francisco once told me, "at least your watch ticks, compared to most watches these days" - the intricacies of mechanical wrist watch movements fascinate me. I bought few watch repair tools last week; however I'm too skeptical to fix watches by my own - without any formal training. That being said, I'm good at fixing things. Perhaps I might learn a thing or ten from this forum.
  5. I dropped my watch from a 4 feet high counter, and while the watch didn't suffer any physical or cosmetic damage, it suddenly began to lose time. It loses time upwards of 90 seconds/day. I've also noticed that when winding the crown counter-clockwise in zero position, the gear-teeth-cluthing sound isn't the same as winding it clockwise. Now I remember that winding crown in either direction (position zero) produced the same sound (even though Seiko's datasheet explicitly states that rotating crown counter-clockwise does nothing). Anyone who owns a Marathon GPM - can you confirm the windi
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