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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Australia to all on the forum. It is great to know that support is nearby when I get stuck or mess things up. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the description and you are right about the Lakes District being wonderful.
  3. My wife inherited this small gold wrist watch. It still runs but I am sure that a full service will be required. It has a tiny button next to the crown which you depress to set the time. The marks inside the back cover are 9C for 9 carat, AB Sponsor's mark for Arthur Baume of Baume and Co., and the Swiss cross. The solid gold bracelet is damaged with pieces missing. I am having trouble finding a replacement bracelet (not solid gold) which will fit between the lugs as the spacing is only 3mm. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Sorry to hear about your disaster, maybe you could help me avoid the same result. As a nubee I'll purchase a crystal press in the near future. Can you please describe the technique for using it for me?
  5. Thanks for the explanation on the reverse numerals Watchaker
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies and valuable information. It was the oscillating hand that puzzled me as I could not find any trace of it online but it sounds like it may be just an addition to the standard movement. The steep learning curve continues.
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been given an Aeromatic 1912 watch for repair and am trying to identify the movement in case I need spare parts. (see pics below) Note the inner ring of numbers are mirror reversed! It is a Chinese movement marked 19 ZUAN ZLC. Can anyone tell me what the double ended hand at the 8 O'clock position is called? It seems to just oscillate with the balance wheel. I have had no luck locating this movement on the internet.
  8. Thanks oldhippy, you have answered a question for me also.
  9. Yes. I gave it several days of good light but no joy. When I fitted the new capacitor it ran for about two hours then it stopped so I guess that was the residual charge in the capacitor.
  10. I have a Citizen Skyhawk eco drive of my own which ran for 15 years without a problem. I replaced the capacitor with a new one and it still does not run. I suspect a fault with the solar charging but this will be a future project.
  11. Thanks for the information watchweasol , my friend has given me permission to attack his watch (brave man) so I will report my progress.
  12. My first repair project is a friends Citizen Eco Drive with an E111 movement not running. I removed the capacitor and reinstalled it and the watch started running however there is a second problem. When the stem is pulled out it comes all the way out without pressing the release button. The stem is also slightly bent. What should I look for regarding the stem problem?
  13. Hi toptime810 I am very much a newbee and have a couple of question for you. Where did you source an aftermarket case and what modifications did you have to make? Cheers Rosco1
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome. Is it better to start with clock repairs where the components are much bigger or dive straight into watches?
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