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  1. Thank you very much for that link, I have been lookinhg for a similar book for a while
  2. Here is my watch for the day, a Late 60s early 70s Vostok Amphibia on a shark mesh bracelet.
  3. Im not too farmiliar with the Diesel version but im sure it must run with a modern LCD system, Im sure if you were to open the back you could get some info on the maker of the module as im pretty sure Diesel doesnt have an in house maker. That or you culd contact diesel directly about their gurantees or maybe a link to someone who could get it fixed. Good luck!
  4. Just wanted to show one of my favorite pieces in my collection. I have had this watch for almost 10 years and I love it more everytime I wear it. I was very lucky to find this at a flea market sale for $100. I only wish I could find an original bracelet that doesnt bankrupt me!
  5. Is hould really get that one serviced, sadly I dont wera it much as its quite dressy. Ill take your advice and get it checked
  6. This watch was bought at a thrift shop many years ago and I can tell you it keeps amazing time and winds super smooth. I have not had to service it at all. Can anyone suggest a good strap?
  7. Hello everyone! I have had this watch for more than 10 years, it was one of my first at $5 from Village Des Valeurs (thanks for the find dad) I can find info about the maker (Pryngeps) or the model, ive never been able to find even a picture or anything about the model. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the nice welcome. Coming to you from Montreal, Canada Here to get more knowledge about my pieces and everything in general. Im a big fan of Jump Hours and (GASP) LED watches. Here is a pic of my collection from a few months ago.
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