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  1. These are the greatest, most informative and funny answers thank you all very much I just got back home from dropping it off at this gentleman's home outside of Chicago in the suburbs I'm going to have it repaired and save my lack of Talent on a few basic ETA to show see stars I have I don't have the heart to dissect my first automatic watch no matter the value of it I can't wait to dive in I can't stop reading these posts and about watches and repairs thank you all very much!!
  2. 20190925_101850_1.mp4 My Oris dropped onto the street, no cosmetic issues, rotor spins hands move everything seems in order nothing's rattling inside, yet it's completely dead!?? That 7750 kept better time than my Muhle and Tudor, real workhorse, maybe something really obvious I'm overlooking?
  3. I grew up next to a clock maker and repair man who's business was the largest in Chicagoland area. Seeing the movements and tools and the time consuming precise work amazed me as a child, my love for clocks turned to watches in High School when after saving what seemed forever to buy an Oris TT1 Chronograph because it "looked cool" my horologist neighbor took the ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement out to clean and oil 6 years afterwards, showing me how things worked and that was it. Hooked. Funny how this watch is the least impressive brand wise, movement wise in my collection years later and yet there's not a timepiece on earth I'd trade it for, to me there isn't anything more interesting than time movements and the folks who enjoy viewing them or collecting them.
  4. I'm devastated just hours ago I dropped my first ever automatic watch with the 7750 Valjoux movement, now it's completely dead and yet the rotor spins as it did first day I ever wore it, no other watch in my collection tops that Oris TT1 because it was my first real watch I saved entire summers worth of pay to buy. I woulda rather dropped my Tudor or Muhle.. greatest movement ever. Thank you for this wonderful amazing breakdown.
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