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  1. Well I messed up the spring even more I think I would have a better chance if it was a mens watch but hey no regrets I'm learning.
  2. Thank you, you always help with links anf files and information I'm gonna call you The Info Guru . Have you worked on a Dogma before this movement looks and feels high quality at least compared to the crappy movements I usually work on.
  3. Do I have a good chance in you opinion? I've never done this before so I'm scared to do it, I have a couple of mangled spare hairsprings I think I'm gonna practice on them before I try to fix this one
  4. Well this is what I found when I disassembled the balance looks like this watch is dead what a shame I wanted to give it to my mom when I meet her I'm upset.
  5. Hello everybody I got my self this ladies watch to play with, I hate ladies watches but I liked this one, it's barely running I think it just needs a good clean the proplem is this is the first time I come across this type of balance jewel assembly and I'm not sure if I should take it apart clean it and oil it I've seen it on youtube but I've never done it. You think I should give it a try and risk ruining the movement?
  6. thank you so much for your nice words.
  7. Hi, I really did not take your comment as negative and you absolutely have a point about buying a proper timegrapher it's just not a viable option for me at the moment, I appreciate your help and looking forward to more replies on the stupid questions I usually post (I have alot of them) Are you the Watchguy? I absolutely love this website it's amazing. Thank you so much.
  8. I know right! I'm so happy, thing don't usually go my way
  9. Guys I did it it's working I cleaned the ground soldering and soldered a new wire then put it in an aluminum external hard drive case and stuffed the front and the back with aluminum foil and voilà it's working perfectly (well I don't know it it's perfect but who cars it's working). I tried a citizen 8200a and a Seiko 7009 and an Orient 46941 on Watch-o-scope and the results weren't satisfying at all looks like I have to service them again the Citizen and the Seiko rates are all jumping all over the place so I'm not including them to save my self some embarrassment . the Orient howe
  10. I'll neaten everything up tomorrow and stick a watch on it and see what happens
  11. I'll work on it tomorrow I tried something out today and it kinda worked thank you so much I have attached a new sample ain the previous comment if you want to check it out thanks again
  12. thank you much for you encouraging words, I tried putting the circuit in an aluminum case i had laying around and the noise decreased dramatically the back and front of the case are open I don't know if that makes a deference I'll get a proper one later as to the power I' using a 9 V battery as shown in the tutorial to avoid the noise you mentioned, I'll go over the soldering tomorrow and clean it u p and see what happens thank again untitled1.mp3
  13. Hi I don't really know much about the process but I've seen on youtube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LwIDhQqRmHI
  14. I'm unemployed and have a lot of free time and I like learning new things and doing little projects and this particular project costs almost nothing so I thought I'd give it a try and see what happens in addition to what I mentioned before that I don't really work on alot of watches maybe one every couple of months and I don't feel it's worth it for me to spend around 150$ on a timegrapher especially that I'm unemployed and 150$ is almost 3 months rent where I live. I uploaded a sample of the sound I'm getting and as for the pictures I have soldered the cables and connections yesterday t
  15. untitled.mp3I'm not quite sure what this is exactly, please be careful when you open it it's really loud, the potentiometer is in the middle it's not all the way up, the noise decrease when I touch the ground I don't know what this means but I just noticed it.
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