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  1. Great job. Good to sed old quartz watches up and running !
  2. I do own an Apple Watch and it is just fine but compared to my mechanical watches, it is just soulless and when I'm all done, my apple watch will be long gone but my other watches will tick-tock on.
  3. Good question. I need reading glasses since I'm that age. I've not tried a lot of combinations but I've found that optivisor works well since you can wear glasses under them. I've mounted the extra magnification loup on my right eye when extra magnification is needed. If higher magnification still is needed, I use a standard Horotec loup in a head band without glasses. The drawback is that the optivisor is somewhat bulky and sometimes tend to be in the way and you can "feel" that you wear it and after an hour or two you may need a break. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/donegan-optivisors
  4. Couldn't you use the same technique as you do for a Seiko diashock spring ? insert one "leaf" in the slot and put another leaf in the indent and then slowly turn the spring using two tweezers ?
  5. Good question. I hope it will last me my lifetime.I'll try that.
  6. I agree with Tmuir, it's a glass cutting tool. First, you scribe the glass with a sharp and hard edge (like an industry diamond) and then you put your tool on the edge of the glass into any of the two cut outs in the tool depending on the thickness of the glass and rotate the tool so to "bend" the glass and hopefully the glass will break were you scribed it.
  7. Hello, I have ordered a robur glass press and dies (expensive) and my first project is to change the mineral glass of my nephew's watch. However, when I watched Mark's videos on changing glass he used a flat die but as far as I can tell there are no flat dies in the robur die set. My question is if I can still use the press with the supplied dies or use some sort of plate between the die and the glass without breaking anything, neither the watch nor the die ?
  8. I was unable to remove the end cap jewel without risking breaking something real bad and I don't have an automatic oiler so I did as good as I could with cleaning and lubricating. The jewel had almost like a cup on the other side of the plate so I put some oil there after pegging. I'm pleased with the results I got from the watch timing machine so I will let it be for now. I think it is a nice looking watch !
  9. Yes, smoking is bad for your health as are ticks. Last year I got lyme disease from a tick bite that I had not even noticed. I saw the red blue ring and thought I got attacked by flesh eating bacteria. Luckily that was not the case and two weeks on penicillin did the trick. I don't think you get paralyzed from a tick bite but if you're unlucky you could catch TBE (brain infection) and that could partially paralyze you or even kill you if you're unlucky. However, you may get inoculated for that so that is a good idea.
  10. @mikepilk That sure looks like my movement but I couldn't find that information on ranfft but I will investigate some more. Thank you all for your replies !
  11. Perhaps you guys are correct and in that case it sure seems to be nicely done. The movement "worked" (as far as I can tell) when I disassembled it and I just wanted to give it a good clean and lubricate it. What do you mean with "in situ" ?
  12. I came across a Nivada with an AS 1130 caliber inside. When I started to dismantle it I saw that there was some sort of end cap jewel on one of the jewels in the train bridge and not one that I would expect from looking at the pictures on ranfft.de were the end cap jewel is fitted into a metal plate that is then screwed to the bridge. This seems to be some sort of metal fitting keeping the jewel in place. My questions are what kind is it and how can I disassemble it and assemble it again for cleaning and lubrication ?
  13. You would have to have a closer look and feel to tell but they sure look nice. Sure one would like the watch to be as close as possible to it's original state but that is quite often nit possible for the timepieces I can afford to tinker with so I would certainly consider using one custom made. Nice job!
  14. Thanks for your help. I ordered the KIF tool set with the extra springs since mine went missing. However, when I sat down yesterday to fix it, the d*mn spring mysteriously reappeared on my workbench. I have no idea were it hid but I suspect it stuck to my dust tray somehow. The tools were smaller than expected but color coded on size so it was not a big problem figuring out what size my spring was. After 10 minutes both upper and lower springs were mounted. The tools was worth every penny. My first watch (40+ years) is now ticking away !
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