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  1. Thanks for your help. I ordered the KIF tool set with the extra springs since mine went missing. However, when I sat down yesterday to fix it, the d*mn spring mysteriously reappeared on my workbench. I have no idea were it hid but I suspect it stuck to my dust tray somehow. The tools were smaller than expected but color coded on size so it was not a big problem figuring out what size my spring was. After 10 minutes both upper and lower springs were mounted. The tools was worth every penny. My first watch (40+ years) is now ticking away !
  2. I will order those tools and extra trior springs since it is good for the peace at home that is affected heavily by profanities abd bad temper.
  3. I have an old movement (my first watch ever actually) that has an EB 8805 caliber. I've tried to service it it and it has some funny (cheap ?) solutions that has me puzzled. I managed to disassemble the balance staff shock system but I have not managed to get it back together and onr shock spring has gotten away, never to be seen again. When browsing around I found similar systems that was in my watch called KIF Trior that actually has special tools that might prevent you from turning mad. So my question is if I'm barking up the right tree here. Are these KIF and would the tools from cousins help me ?
  4. Thank you. This is a cool document. However, it doesn't seem like the gaskets are a part of the movement but the watch "itself". I will print this doc though !
  5. I'm trying to get my old grandfathers Automatic Seiko up running and I took the movement out of the case today. I figure I will replace the mainspring and I was not able to salvage the o-ring gasket on the stem nor the case back gasket. I don't know if they're supposed to be flat and quite hard. Anyway, the just crumbled apart when I tried to remove them and the case back one had to be removed to get the movement out. My question now is where, or rather how, do I source these parts. I've been searching cousins and they have a lot of parts and I also found an old article in this forum that pointed me to Jules Borel site but it was out of stock there. Is there some sort of generic gaskets I may use ? What measurements should I use when searching for new ones ? Where may they be found ? It would seem that one of the trickier obstacles with this hobby is sourcing new parts, especially when one can only afford to tinker with OLD movements. On the back it says Seiko 7005-7011 but it sure looks a lot like 7005-7010 I've seen around here. Thanks!
  6. Hi, All my life I've been interested in watches of all kinds. I started watching videos about watch repairing on YouTube and ended up taking Mark's online course. Before I new it I had bought some tweezers and two China versions of the UNITAS 6497 to tinker with. Great Fun ! Hope I'll see you around /P
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