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  1. Well the penny dropped Turns out the arbour is a two piece that screws together, although this one had ceased and just needed an extra umppfff to get her to release. Apparently this is a common assembly on Walthams of 19 Jewels ( this case a Cresent Street ), a small and old picture on the interwebs from Waltham shows the assembly which is why it had me baffled for a moment. Now the parts are cleaning before new spring is fitted, problem solved
  2. Happy New Year All Well its a good start to the year and ive already come unstuck. I don't usually work on American watches but i have a Waltham that requires a new mainspring and ordinarily this is a non issue but i can not see how the barrel comes apart to change it as it seems stuck in place ? Does the barrel arbour get punched out ? I can not for the life of me see how to get this out it seem intent on staying in ? Any help with pointing out my obvious error will be most appreciated, Photos Below > It appears theres play but the thing does not want to come apart, am i missing a secret here ?
  3. Happy New Year Folks - Looking forward to more great content from you all, great community, great forum
  4. That Zodiac is something else Im not a fan of gold watches but that's really nice Today's new arrival from Japan, a little xmass prezzie to my self In my favourite colour and a retro design but with a hacking 4R37 movement ( handwind too ). I want the Black & gold version also but they are harder to find
  5. Be sorry for nothing I knew when buying it was an aftermarket dial and im not overly worried, it looks like the original but more importantly functions as it should. The original Seiko models i want are hardly ever around to buy, especially with original dials in good order, shame really but i don't mind a AM dial if it looks good.
  6. Well after some 30 years without a service this 1977 Seiko was in desperate need of tlc, luckily the cosmetics of the dial and hands are quite good and the inner bezel has aged like they all do . Timing is the same as it was the day it was made New favourite in my collection ( long overdue ) Not quite as nice as that Favre
  7. Well the movement lives again, new mainspring plus a few alterations and it goes ( not accurately but working nonetheless ). Im still no wiser as to the maker but im still reminded just how skilled they were to create something so well and so small. Although id love the watch to run well the bottom balance pivot is worn and im lucky it runs at all Ive added some photos of the key less works and the matching number > Hopefully these may offer further clues to her creator
  8. Once i get a new mainspring and reassemble the movement i will take more photos including key less work
  9. That looks very close if not the same, just different bridge layout. Which calibre is that do you know ?
  10. Its 12 x 22.5mm, not sure what that is ligne size wise
  11. Yes the movement i have is gilted or plated brass ( the patek i was refering to the movement layout similarity ). It seems strange that someone would go to the trouble of producing such a nice watch and not leave any clue to maker ha ha. Hopefully i can get it working well once more but knowing who made it would have been nice to know, but if its not to be known then what can you do these are just the way things go So far it looks to be just the mainspring and some screws that need replacing.
  12. Checked and only the number 19 and a partial number under the mainspring bridge plate But i have freed the pallet cock so shes in the cleaner now. The dial design is similar to the below photos and the movement layout is almost identical as the movement below with a few alterations here & there >
  13. Now i have nearly stripped the movement ( pallet cock screw has come apart ) the level of finish is really quite surprising, not perfection but still better than i expected. Sadly still no signs of it giving up any more info You may have a point there about JLC blank movement, now i just need to see if i can find a similar movement....
  14. Well folks its been quite a while since ive needed to call upon your help but alas this time i fall short of being able to identify a watch I recently purchased the little beauty below but so far i have not been able to determine what or who made it. The movement has similar layout to certain Patek movements but im not convinced it is a Patek. It is well finished and running but will be serviced as close to good order as i an get it. What i know..... Casing is Platinum with 34 set Diamonds and case numbered 30725 / Wolfs/Dogs Head / and unknown marking Movement is well finished with same number 30725 but no other markings Does anyone recognise this gem ? Id love to put a name to it or at least know the movement Any leads appreciated
  15. Quite right, i didn't even look at the amplitude . Teach me for jumping in head first
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